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Aldi Christmas hampers

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stairway Mon 09-Nov-20 11:17:59

Has anyone ordered one of these. They seem better value then the M and S ones. I like Aldi food but will it appear cheap? I was looking to spend between £50-£100. Also when do you order them as I don’t want it to arrive before December?

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MsMiaWallace Mon 09-Nov-20 12:51:11

I ordered the chocolate selection £30 one last month for a present for a couple.
Still waiting for it. Should be dispatched this week. Will update upon arrival....

magicstar1 Mon 09-Nov-20 12:56:16

The reviews of last year's were great, and this year's look really good too. I wouldn't think they look cheap...most of the stuff is from their Specially Selected range which is lovely.

RaininSummer Mon 09-Nov-20 13:13:35

I think you need to know how your recipients will see it. My mum is a bit snobby about aldi and lidl and would see it as cheap even though it isn't and the products are goid.

stairway Mon 09-Nov-20 13:19:34

I think they look nice too and the price is amazing compared to others. I was just worried they will get sold out. I don’t want to order now and it being delivered middle of November though!

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Janaih Mon 09-Nov-20 13:24:20

I'm sure they will sell out, that's part of their thing, you've got to be quick. They do look lush.

princessbear80 Mon 09-Nov-20 13:28:10

I love the Aldi Christmas foods and would happily receive a hamper as a gift. However, I agree with a pp, I think it all depends on the recipient’s views on Aldi!

Piplette Tue 10-Nov-20 23:34:49

I've bought them for family/friends for the last couple of years. They look lovely and everyone seems to love them.

MsMiaWallace Thu 19-Nov-20 13:21:42

Mine has just arrived.
I bought the chocolate celebration one.
It's nice.
Lovely wicker basket too.

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