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Howmanysleepsnow Tue 03-Nov-20 22:48:49

DH appreciates quality. Can anyone suggest high quality versions of everyday things please?
He owns his own business, dresses casually, enjoys the outdoors, is a foodie but currently dieting, into exercise (see previous).
Other ideas welcome too! Thanks

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LemonDrizzles Tue 03-Nov-20 22:49:50

German nutcracker

MLMbotsgoaway Tue 03-Nov-20 22:57:57

Tiffany money clip
Italian leather phone case/wallet thing
Dre beats headphones
Fancy somellier set

lurker101 Tue 03-Nov-20 22:59:28

I love Gant clothing for casual clothing, and it washes really well!

Martinisarebetterdirty Wed 04-Nov-20 08:01:39

If he likes the outdoors Icebreaker base layers and Bridgedale socks.

starsinyourpies Wed 04-Nov-20 08:07:07

Aqua di Parma deodorant. Plus side for you is he will smell divine!

DonLewis Wed 04-Nov-20 08:08:33

Hovel pencil sharpener.

Cashmere socks/jumpers
Recycled firehose bags and wallets (expensive but so beautiful)


thelegohooverer Thu 05-Nov-20 12:34:00

Thank you for this thread (and all the others grin). I really rate Barbour for polo shirts. And while not particularly high end, since I introduced dh to sketchers he won’t wear anything else. I even found him black business-suitable ones for work. Before this it wasn’t unusual for him to spend upwards of €200 on a pair of shoes

daisydalrymple Thu 05-Nov-20 16:32:47

For the foodie side, I’ve got DH a Joseph pizza cutter. Also an avocado slicer.

Thought bamboo socks.

Imtoooldforallthis Thu 05-Nov-20 16:34:36

Sheepskin slippers

FizzyPink Thu 05-Nov-20 16:38:47

My DP loves the shampoo/body wash from the white company called Loch. I think it’s about £13 a bottle

Cordillera Fri 06-Nov-20 12:38:23

Mahabis slippers

Spreadingchestnut Fri 06-Nov-20 12:41:48

I second Gant clothing.

BigBadBox Fri 06-Nov-20 16:06:07

souschef have brilliant foodie stuff

livingthegoodlife Fri 06-Nov-20 16:58:12

Joseph Joseph carving meat board.

Molton brown shower gel.

Ditto ice breaker base layers

Good knives?

Thehollyandtheirony Fri 06-Nov-20 17:38:27

Falke socks.
Aesop toiletries.
Smythson wallet (can personalise with his initials.

SDTGisAnEvilWolefGenius Fri 06-Nov-20 17:40:45

Penhaligons aftershave - the one called Sartorial smells gorgeous!

MooseBeTimeForSummer Fri 06-Nov-20 17:53:38

High end earphones, music speakers - Bowers & Wilkins

spagbog5 Fri 06-Nov-20 18:09:35

DH loves Heath shaving gel and after balm .more expensive than standard but lasts ages and no nasties in it.

Londonmummy66 Fri 06-Nov-20 18:10:42

Trumpers aftershave - Sicilian Limes is good. If you live near London you could even promise him a pampering session there - they do an old fashioned wet shave - after lock down.

Fortnum & Mason tea or coffee - zero calories and still foodie.

Joseph Joseph kitchen gadgets

Cashmere jumper - Brora are lovely

Stirmecrazy Fri 06-Nov-20 19:22:19

garmin sports watch

Trumpton Fri 06-Nov-20 20:45:43

I don’t know if he likes Monty Don style but Old Town clothing is fab .
I lust after THIS BELT but DH does not wear belts .

I second really good slippers ( Celtic &Co)
I bought Grenson hand painted sneakers . They have been much admired . They don’t seem to do those any more but these are very nice .

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