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Stocking fillers 15 & 18 year olds....

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TwoBigNoisyBoys Mon 02-Nov-20 00:25:37

I’m hoping for some ideas for my two DSs stockings....18 and 15 year olds. 18 year old has a learning disability so I guess it would really be like buying for a 14/15 year old. He loves tech, music production, musical theatre, YouTube, home gym and working 15 year old likes Xbox, Xbox and, erm, more Xbox...🙄 oh he has a fascination with Japan! Eldest DS won’t eat sweets, biscuits etc but younger one loves them. Shopping online ideas would be great, as I live quite rurally, so not near a big town or city with lot of choice! Any idea sharing very gratefully received 😊

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Voiceofreason92 Mon 02-Nov-20 00:36:33

If he likes Japan, what about some Manga comics or book on how to draw Manga

Or maybe a sushi making kit? (You can pick up most of what you’d need in the supermarket- like to sea weed sheets and a rolling mat)

TwoBigNoisyBoys Mon 02-Nov-20 00:45:30

That’s a great idea... I’ll look for a ‘how you book now. He does like drawing so I think he’ll love that! 😊

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BlackeyedSusan Mon 02-Nov-20 00:56:37

mine get things like a new toothbrush, deodorant, toothpaste, hair products, pens, pencils etc for school,

head phones, screen savers, gloves, christmas socks, new pants,

TwoBigNoisyBoys Mon 02-Nov-20 01:14:25

I usually do those things too...I’ll look out for some Christmas socks etc next time I’m out (in Wales so currently I’m in lockdown 😕)

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BasiliskStare Mon 02-Nov-20 01:34:20

Not sure how much you want to spend on stocking fillers but for younger Japan loving sweet / biscuit eater - Japan do the most astonishing range of Kit Kats. My son went once to see his uncle and liked the Matcha Green tea ones. - I am sure if you google you might be able to find cheaper but for example here - on line Yes quite expensive for a stocking filler I admit but unusual. Ig you look at the Japan Centre website they also have pens and indeed those socks with toes the Japanese like ( cheaper than the Kit Kats ) ( I have to say I would find them uncomfortable but maybe he might like them because Japanese)

BasiliskStare Mon 02-Nov-20 01:43:53

Sorry - meant to say if you look through that website you might find some things e.g. chopsticks / socks / pens or whatever lots and lots of things and all on line ordering . Well, an exercise for the student grin

Best of luck

BasiliskStare Mon 02-Nov-20 02:12:33

Oh and @TwoBigNoisyBoys as well as those two posts re Japan for Ds Jnr - how about for DS Snr , some resistance bands for home workout ( varying prices on Amazon ) or if he has not seen it and can find a way to play it - what about Hamilton ( or something else ) on iTunes . My DH loves musicals etc and he listens to this constantly when running or cycling etc. Not sure how much it costs , but the basic point is - how about a download of a really good musical he can listen to whilst working out. Again all order able from home ( and sorry if those downloads are too expensive - I have not checked)

So possibly none of those ideas will be useful . In the interim I am thinking of stocking fillers for a 23 yr old who has been locked up with his parents ( i.e. me and his father - and might be for a while yet ! ) Any ideas gratefully received. Thus far I have thought of a waiter's friend corkscrew and I might actually get him some of the Japanese Kitkats , as I know he likes them grin & the inevitable socks Ah poor boy. ( mine not yours)

Pennybubbly Mon 02-Nov-20 06:56:38

TwoBigNoisyBoys. I'm in Japan. Let me know if you want anything sending halo

TwoBigNoisyBoys Mon 02-Nov-20 10:12:47

Oh wow you’re all so lovely and helpful, thank you! I’m just about to go into a uni lecture but will be back later...thank you all 😘

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TwoBigNoisyBoys Tue 03-Nov-20 19:53:01

Well...I’ve ordered how to draw manga/anime kit, a Japanese ‘eat sleep game repeat’ Tshirt, some gym equipment (push up bar, resistance bands, hand exerciser) and I have a box of Japanese sweets in my amazon basket ready to order closer to Christmas! These aren’t really stocking fillers 🙈 however that were fabulous ideas so wanted to say thank you 😊

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RickOShay Tue 03-Nov-20 21:51:22

What about American cans of pop?
Grape Fanta and that sort of thing.
I’ve been looking at lava lamps for my teen ds. That might be an idea.

RickOShay Tue 03-Nov-20 21:52:31

What about American cans of pop?
Grape Fanta and that sort of thing.
I’ve been looking at lava lamps for my teen ds. That might be an idea.

TwoBigNoisyBoys Tue 03-Nov-20 22:29:59

Ooh my youngest would love the American pop! Great idea. They already have lava lamps, with built in speakers...they’re great! Thank you for the pop suggestion 😊

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2me2u2u2me Wed 04-Nov-20 05:49:58


TwoBigNoisyBoys. I'm in Japan. Let me know if you want anything sending halo

Wow how nice is that of you halo

BefuddledPerson Wed 04-Nov-20 06:58:14

Ooh lava lamp - just sneaking into your thread op and nicking ideas wink. Happy Christmas!

BasiliskStare Thu 05-Nov-20 11:23:17

@TwoBigNoisyBoys I have a friend who has taken in her 18 yr old nephew because of family problems. Could you or anyone else think of something I could send him for Christmas to cheer him up. He is suffering from anxiety and is on meds for depression. I know he likes chocolate & he loves taking their dog for a walk. I suspect any present will be nice as he may not get from family - a voucher or something different - any suggestions welcome ( and again sorry for hijacking thread ) Do you think a lava lamp would be comforting?

caperplips Thu 05-Nov-20 12:34:10

@BasiliskStare I think it's lovely that you want to buy this teen a present and I am sure he will really appreciate it.

I think I'd be tempted to make up a small hamper / pack of pamper things for him especially if he's suffering with anxiety / depression. A few treats that he can indulge himself in.

I'd look at things like a couple of really big bars of chocolate - toblerone / dairy milk etc
Some gourmet popcorn
a tube of jelly beans with the mix of flavours
A nice shower gel
PJ's or a t-shirt
a magazine relating to something he's interested in
a mug with his name / initials on it with a hot chocolate stick
some craft beer / cider

Basically a nice 'cosy at home' kit for him so he feels welcome and safe there

RickOShay Thu 05-Nov-20 12:50:13

@BasiliskStare, I hope he’s ok.
I have ordered a remote control poo which makes fart noises, for the princely sum of £5 from Groupon.
It will hopefully raise a laugh smile

BasiliskStare Thu 05-Nov-20 12:55:51

@caperclips Thank you - that is a really good idea. I don't want to go into too much detail , but friend's nephew went to stay with my friend because his mother's new boyfriend didn't like having him in the house. Friend had to sort out 6th form for him , but didn't really work - they are their wits' end but at least he has somewhere safe . I just can't imagine how you could prefer boyfriend over your son - but hey ho. He didn't even get an 18th birthday present from his mum and he was upset.

I think your idea of a few things he would like is great. I shall try to get him a mug with his favourite dog on it , and some chocolates - nice t shirt and maybe a bottle of beer & now you say it , he loves pizza so will see if I can get a voucher where he can order one. Said friend doesn't have a whole load of money but , my goodness she does her best for him. I would like to help her out Thank you @caperplips

I've bought him ( well sent money to aunty who has bought it for him ) one of those weighted blankets which are meant to help with anxiety and apparently that has helped.

Thank you very much - that has given me some ideas & I suspect they will be well appreciated @caperplips

Basilisk x

BasiliskStare Thu 05-Nov-20 12:57:25

@RickOShay - well there's an idea out of left field but yes - I can imagine a laugh - well made me giggle anyway

Any laughs will be appreciated - thank you

steppemum Thu 05-Nov-20 12:58:00

my 18 year old ds gets things like this, some are stocking, some are to give him something to unwrap under the tree, as his actual gift is usually something financial (like money for driving lessons last year). He doesn't get all this every year!

Calvin Klein boxer shorts
Nike socks
lynx body spray
lynx shower gel
ear phones (well, used to, now he has bought ipods)
hot chocolate sachets
mini marshmallows
2m of jaffa cakes
giant bar of cadbury choc
another giant bar of cadbury
lets face it he would eat a whole stocking of just chocolate
chocolate orange
chocolate santa
retro sweets
phone case
this year - funky face mask?
retro giant tubes of smarties
vouchers for food (nandos/pizza hut etc)
this year - mini bar, alcohol minis
posh cider/beer bottles

steppemum Thu 05-Nov-20 13:00:31

oh and other none chocolate food bits also go down well, so a pot noodle (which I won't buy normally) etc

BasiliskStare Thu 05-Nov-20 13:11:17


Thank you !

Trouble is he is my friends nephew and I don't know him very well. We did give him my DS's bike because DS wasn't using it and he loved that . Because he's waiting for his AD higher meds to kick in he doesn't go out much but I love some of your ideas - maybe some nice socks, uunderwear etc. I don't want to sound mean but I can't afford a fortune but I think I have some ideas here where I can shop around and get him some things which I will send to his aunty & I know she would wrap them up for him

I am not going to send them from me - I am going to send to my friend and she can wrap them up from her.

Thank you Thank you - I do feel sorry for the young man ( not meant to patronising ) but Dad is off the scene & Mum doesn't seem to make much of an effort so it is down to my friend ( Aunty ) & they are suffering because of Covid thing with jobs so can't spend a fortune.

But I am not sure a fortune is what matters - more him having some things for Christmas to cheer him up

Thank you all x

steppemum Thu 05-Nov-20 13:21:36


you and your friend both sound great.
It wil be the knowing that he has a safe place and that he is welcome there and can stay there that will be the best thing, and he has that.

I think the list caperclips posted was perfect, a bit of everything.

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