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Main present 7yr old boy?

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goldpendant Sun 01-Nov-20 22:12:45

I'm struggling with a gift idea for DS as his main present. It's also his birthday not long before Christmas so I need a few ideas.

Last year;

Gravitrax - doesn't get played with
Smart BRIO - doesn't get played with

He's mentioned;

Nintendo Switch (I think he's too young?)
Dinosaurs - he likes Schleich models

He's not really into any sports yet, he likes swimming but that's about it.

Ideas I've had;

Skateboard (he loves cycling and BMX)
Jurassic Park/Dino playmobil - but he loses interest in playmobil after a while.
Walkie Talkies
Magic set

Any other great ideas???

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burglarbettybaby Sun 01-Nov-20 22:16:10

Mine is getting a small amazon fire for homework. Tobi watch. Mario Lego.

Snozwanger Sun 01-Nov-20 22:29:45

My son is 7 in December and I think we're going to get him a bigger bike. He's asked for a Kidizoom Action Cam as he loved his Kidizoom Duo cam last year. He's also shown interest in a telescope but I'm not sure how much use he'd get.
I'm trying to think of things he could use outdoors or at home if stuck in lockdown eg he enjoyed completing a jigsaw when his bubble burst recently so I've ordered him a new one. Maybe some older toys like science and engineering kits that would support his home learning?

PhylisPrice Sun 01-Nov-20 22:37:06

Oooh following with interest for stepson, he also wants a Nintendo switch but think we will wait until next year while he will still enjoy toys this year. Also they are bloody expensive and he will be expecting a huge pile of presents! Anyway on our/his list we have a beanbag, telescope, military toys, metal detector, playmobil space things (he already has the rocket), an electric scooter, playstore voucher for robux, lego... he probably won't get every thing on that list, they are just ideas. Looking forward to some more ideas as we are a bit stumped!

Iminaglasscaseofemotion Sun 01-Nov-20 22:37:19

Mine asked for a kids fitbit and I'm getting him a keyboard as a surprise.

Iminaglasscaseofemotion Sun 01-Nov-20 22:38:47

They put their christmas money together last year or the year before and bought a switch that they haven't used since. Dont even know where it is.

MrsBungle Sun 01-Nov-20 22:39:34

My son is 8 and I got him a switch last year. He plays it a lot, usually mario karts and crash bandicoot or fifa.

This year I’ve got him an electronic drum kit and football stuff.

ShoppingBasket Sun 01-Nov-20 22:40:36

Air hockey table, looks big and about 50 from Smyths

WutheredOut Sun 01-Nov-20 22:41:25

An electronic circuit set - my 7 year old is obsessed!

Creating circuits to make lights work, music play, bells ring and helicopter take off - it’s excellent!

pumpkinpie01 Sun 01-Nov-20 22:56:52

My ds7 is hard to buy for too. Would he enjoy a camcorder? My son had one last year it's quite good and was only £40. Boomtrix is good , magnet set , fit bit, Mario monopoly ?

Jade308 Sun 01-Nov-20 23:14:07

@WutheredOut do you have a link to that, sounds amazing

WutheredOut Sun 01-Nov-20 23:17:14

@Jade308 if you google electronic circuit set you will find loads!
I would definitely recommend going bigger and a bit more expensive If you can - as you’ll get more options in the set.
We are thinking of buying a new bigger one for him this year.

Jade308 Sun 01-Nov-20 23:29:31

@WutheredOut Brilliant thank you. There are indeed loads. Might actually get a small one for now and if it's a hit a large one for Xmas.

goldpendant Sun 01-Nov-20 23:48:04

Thanks so much everyone- really great ideas

The electric drum kit and circuit kit sound up his street. Was the drum kit a roll away mat type or a proper set up?

He has a fire which he loves but I would like to hold fire in a switch for another year or so.

The mario Lego thing looks good too.

Thanks again.

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