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lotusbell Sun 01-Nov-20 22:03:29

Does anyone have any recommendations for printing your own Christmas cards?
My dad is a keen photographer and uses Photobox regularly for creating prints of his pics but he's really struggling with creating some Christmas cards on their website - it's just not uploading the pics, I think and he's having a bit of a paddy grin
I'm thinking Bonus Print, Snapfish maybe?
Anyone used any that give good results but don't raise your BP?!

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ZombiePara Thu 05-Nov-20 21:59:41

Have a look at

Sign up as a creator and you can print your own cards, as well as getting the option to offer them for sale as well!

Brilliant quality, and you get the option as well to personalise and send direct to recipient, or you can get them sent to you, with an envelope, to send on.

Certainly the best I've come across!

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