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Anyone found any nice Descendants clothes?

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duckduckswan Sun 01-Nov-20 14:46:13

Dd7 would like some Disney Descendants clothes. Don’t want a costume but something she can have for general wear. Seen a few printed t shirts but not sure of quality and they aren’t that exciting. Any ideas would be great...I’m stuck!

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EwDavid Sun 01-Nov-20 14:49:48

Sorry no suggestions but I'm following! My dd of the same age loves the descendants but all the merch that I've found is ridiculously expensive and usually imported. Argh!

MarmaladeTeepee Sun 01-Nov-20 18:55:58

I made DD a Mal inspired leather jacket - got a second hand purple one off ebay (about £10 inc postage) then bought silver studs (about £3 off ebay) which were surprisingly easy to apply to the jacket and she was over the moon with it. We also had some tie dye left over from summer lockdown so we tie dyed a plain white t shirt green and purple which again is sort of Mal-ish in style. I have a friend who did something similar for Evie - bought a blue leather jacket online and some fingerless leather gloves. Much cheaper than buying the actual costumes and more wearable. There's lots of videos on youtube for inspiration if you're stuck.

Mokusspokus Mon 02-Nov-20 00:18:44

Sam, dd loved descendents but I couldn't find any descent March

Puffler Mon 02-Nov-20 00:54:05

I got my DD one of these, lovely quality and good customer service. Planning to get her another for Christmas.

Nonamesavail Mon 02-Nov-20 12:14:19

Ooh they look good

Toomanycats99 Mon 02-Nov-20 12:37:46

It's not descendants (but just in case she also likes it as it's similar target audience!)

I got my daughter a zombies varsity jacket off Etsy.

Ignoringequally Mon 02-Nov-20 12:42:02

My 5 year old has asked for a t-shirt she’s seen saying ‘chilling like a villain’ 😭

duckduckswan Mon 02-Nov-20 20:42:51

Thanks everyone, I’ve gone for a Mal sports jacket from Etsy. Might need to get a ‘Chilling like a Villain’ t shirt too 😁

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Sparticle Mon 02-Nov-20 20:49:04

Can you please put a link to the sports jacket OP?

(Anyone else love Descendants as an adult?!)

Toothlessisgreat Mon 02-Nov-20 20:49:52

This Mail dress - my daughter loves it and good quality

duckduckswan Tue 03-Nov-20 13:40:04

[ Etsy sports Jacket]

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duckduckswan Tue 03-Nov-20 13:40:54

Thanks for the eBay Mal dress toothless

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