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Bargain blankets?

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oxcat1 Sat 31-Oct-20 10:56:18

Can anybody recommend any bargain blankets for shielding parents who can only meet friends in their garden?
I seem to remember there were some bargain blankets going round a few weeks ago but I can't find that info anywhere.

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hiredandsqueak Sat 31-Oct-20 20:46:10

The fleece throws from Asda are really good value, soft and wash and dry well.

TommyShelby Sat 31-Oct-20 22:31:44

Matalan has some lovely blankets - including Christmas/ winter theme ones

oxcat1 Sun 01-Nov-20 10:32:22

Thanks so much both.

I thought I saw some woollen blankets in one of the bargain threads a few weeks ago? Tartan type things. I wonder if anybody else can recall that link? Otherwise these fleece blankets certainly look good value, but not quite what I had in mind.

Thanks again

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AnotherOne4 Sun 01-Nov-20 10:53:31

QVCUK have a Cozee Home brand, which does blankets. I highley recommend those.

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