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Special gift ideas for shielding parents! (70+)

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GidgetGirl Wed 28-Oct-20 18:52:19

My poor parents will both be shielding this Christmas and it'll be the first year ever that we won't be having a proper family day. We'll pop round to exchange gifts in the garden of course, but for most of the day they'll be on their own.

I want to give them something special to make the day feel at least a bit Christmassy. They've been shielding since the start of all this and they're so incredibly bored..

Any ideas? I'm thinking some kind of hamper - something I put together myself rather than ready-made - but has anyone got any other ideas? Or ideas for stuff it really should contain? Doesn't necessarily have to be edible!

So far I'm thinking:
Their favourite chocolates
Cheese & crackers
Boozy miniatures

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GinFuzzy Wed 28-Oct-20 19:10:22

I'm planning the same for my stepmum who lives alone and in a similar boat.

Bought a wicker hamper from Dunelm, and planning to fill it myself...

Crisps and nuts, mini wine and gins, chocolates or biscuits, coffee bags... then I'm lost!

BeaLola Wed 28-Oct-20 19:17:44

Can I ask budget roughly and how near you are to them ?

Also do your parents decorate etc for Xmas ?
I was thinking you could buy a potted Xmas tree (could be small one) and leave on their doorstep for Xmas day with a few snowy Christmas footprints or maybe leave in their garden with a gift bus a bird feeder /table to surprise them on Christmas Day ?

You could deliver a surprise Christmas Eve box to make it a different experience for them incl hot choc and dippers , cheeses etc - basically a grown up version of a children's one to start things differently

Sorry for rambling ....

Fivemoreminutes1 Wed 28-Oct-20 19:46:59

A Christmas cracker each (one that you’ve filled yourself with something small that they’ll like)
A Christmassy scented candle
Turkish delight
Marzipan fruits
Brandy snaps

thelegohooverer Wed 28-Oct-20 19:57:47

How about those crackling wood wick candles (unless they already have a roaring log fire) and maybe a 12 day advent calendar to open across the 12 days of Christmas and keep the fun going for a while.

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