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What advent calendar are you buying?

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Strawberrypancakes Wed 28-Oct-20 09:24:00

We’d usually do a lot through December, meeting lots of people and having lots of days out etc and I usually put a letter in each door of our advent calendar with what we’re doing that day.. obviously, all of this isn’t possible this year so I had an idea to get 4/5 different fun advent calendars for the kids so they’re really excited to open them together every day.

I’ve so far found a smiggle one and am looking for other ideas smile

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snowmanshoes Wed 28-Oct-20 09:31:55

I’ve bought younger dd9 the body spray one that was on Amazon for 5.99 that someone posted on the bargain threads a month or so back. I also appreciate a body spray every day may be a tad boring for a 9 year old so I put in an order from Claire’s for things like tie dye scrunchies/ hair clips/glitter spray/phone case/lip balms and I’ve ordered a pair of festive earrings from amazon which were all really cheap due to the offers and I’ll pop something like that in every 3rd day for a bit of variety. She also has a celebrations one!
I’ve probably spent about £25 all in but it’s all things she’ll actually use rather than a lego one of similar price that she wouldn’t. (She had the smiggle one last year and loved it)
Like you I wanted to bring a bit of excitement to December as we have no other plans!!!

vickibee Wed 28-Oct-20 09:33:14

We always like the smuggle one, my Ds has a thing for stationery a bit pricy at £20.
I got my sister a Thornton’s continental one

snowmanshoes Wed 28-Oct-20 09:33:23

I may get some funky erasers too actually in novelty character designs and pop one of those in some of the days too

Sideorderofchips Wed 28-Oct-20 10:11:12

I have a yarn one
Chipstheeldest has marvel funko pop
Middlechips has smiggle
And babychips has Disney story book

PerditaNitt Wed 28-Oct-20 10:45:50

I bought the Shaun the sheep calendar for my 4 and 2 year old (the pieces are a bit small for the 2 year old, but he is not at the stage where he puts things in his mouth). We all adore Shaun the sheep and even though it isn’t as lovely as a home made advent calendar, I think they will both love it.

Aroundtheworldin80moves Wed 28-Oct-20 10:50:06

DDs have Lego ones from their Grandmother.
DH has a whisky one (only 12 days, they are a tad expensive)
He's supposed to be getting me a Sherlock Holmes one, with a different mystery to solve each day.

thelegohooverer Wed 28-Oct-20 11:06:50

I like the Lego ones. It’s a good idea to get an extra baseplate (doesn’t have to be Lego branded) to put the pieces on and build up a scene.

I’m also eyeing up the naked marshmallow one but I have a feeling that everyone will want a taste.

MsMiaWallace Wed 28-Oct-20 12:33:37

Reeses & Lindt ones for DS's
Hotel chocolat for 2 for me & DH.

I8toys Wed 28-Oct-20 12:44:27

Reeses and Lynx for ds 15
Pringles and Lynx for ds 17
DH - Bonne Mamam jams and honey calendar
Mum - Ghost 12 days and pukka tea
Me - Amazon, Ghost 12 days, Holland and Barrett - I'll get myself a chocolate one as well wink

Inastatus Wed 28-Oct-20 14:10:02

I’ve bought DD the Benefit 12 day one. She’s 16 and never had a beauty one before and it’s a surprise. I’m not sure what to get for 14 year old DS though. DH and I don’t usually bother.

snowmanshoes Wed 28-Oct-20 15:52:13

I thought you were talking about younger children....,
Dd14 has ASOS beauty one
Dh has virgin wines
And I have a tea one grin

lazyfecker Wed 28-Oct-20 16:16:10

A Lily's Kitchen one for the dog

PaulineScrambledPhones Wed 28-Oct-20 17:50:54

I’ve got a Degusta Box calendar coming, which is for everyone to share.
And I went a bit mad and bought myself the Love Honey one! Fortunately I had a 20% off code!

I8toys Wed 28-Oct-20 18:17:36

God I forgot about the cats - they have 1 each!

ShowOfHands Wed 28-Oct-20 18:56:10

We always have a paper one each but this year, I'm going to do a homemade one with activities in it (bake Christmas cookies, make sweets and drop to neighbours, walk on the coast, Christmas mystery to solve, paper chain making, wreath making etc), a book each at some point, some small things they need like flannels. We're in the middle of a 28 day isolation after all the lockdown earlier in the year and funds are tight. We can't afford much for Christmas Day so we're going for an advent of activities and sharing.

ritzbiscuits Wed 28-Oct-20 20:27:19

I made a Pokemon one for my son last year with Pokemon cards each day in little envelopes. He's requested the same this year, so better get prepping!

Lovemusic33 Wed 28-Oct-20 20:33:02

We have hotel chocolate ones, we don’t have much space to display advent colanders and the hotel chocolate ones are quite small. I would prefer a naked marshmallow one (had one a couple years ago).

maxineputyourredshoeson Wed 28-Oct-20 20:41:53

DD1 - Harry Potter funko pop and Harry Potter wooden Hogwarts express - I’ll fill it with chocolate coins, rubbers and anything else I can think of.

DD2 - slime and putty (what was I thinking?!?) and she has a traditional wooden one that I’ll fill with the same stuff as DD1.

Me and DH have a naked marshmallow one to share....

drspouse Wed 28-Oct-20 22:06:17

@snowmanshoes which tea one do you have? I fancy one!
@maxineputyourredshoeson are you naked or the marshmallows?

snowmanshoes Wed 28-Oct-20 22:13:04


*@snowmanshoes* which tea one do you have? I fancy one!
@maxineputyourredshoeson are you naked or the marshmallows?

It’s only the English tea shop one from Amazon. 8.99 so thought I’d give it a go. May venture for a better one next year but just went for a cheaper one this time!

AnnieMB Wed 28-Oct-20 22:27:15

I’m looking for a hot chocolate one, any recommendations?

TheoriginalLEM Wed 28-Oct-20 22:36:43

I got dd the funko harry potter one last year. Expensive but she really liked it although i was more excited than her!

Not sure this year, shes 15 and about as ungirly as you can get. Likes stationary so might go for paperchase

nc1962 Wed 28-Oct-20 22:38:39

I'm going to get myself the fortnum and mason chocolate one this year

MutteringDarkly Wed 28-Oct-20 22:44:06

@AnnieMB I'm trying the hot choc one from John Lewis

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