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Gifts under a tenner for men in their 20s... Main interests are gaming

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Nothavingfunrightnow Tue 27-Oct-20 10:48:25

I'm looking for a miracle or two, please. My partner's two sons are in their 20s, are avid gamers and quite introverted. I'd be very please for any ideas!

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TheCrow Tue 27-Oct-20 10:57:21

Thumb grips for their controllers, can get different colours and designs from eBay for around £2. Socks. Keyring. Mug. Primark and b&m have some good gaming themed bits this year within budget. Qwertee have good gaming t-shirts and they have £6 and £8 offers on pretty often.

Nothavingfunrightnow Tue 27-Oct-20 11:04:22

Thank you, TheCrow. Great ideas! It really is a case of knowing where to look. Thank you.

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Adelais Tue 27-Oct-20 12:51:29

Zavvi is a good place for gaming related stuff

Nothavingfunrightnow Tue 27-Oct-20 18:21:27

Thanks a million, Adelais.

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DinosaurOfFire Tue 27-Oct-20 18:26:31

What do they game on- console or PC? As that will change what to get, if its PC gaming then console thumb grips would be pointless. It also depends how seriously they take their gaming. Socks are usually a good option, or a mug, with socks in it? If they play on the PC and use Steam to buy games from, you can see people's wishlists and also the Steam sale will come up soon. I'm pretty sure that there are Steam giftcards available now in places too.

If it's console based gaming then, sorry, I have no idea.

Nothavingfunrightnow Tue 27-Oct-20 19:12:27

They are both big pc gamers and do live streaming if that's any help. They live in very different worlds from my mine 😁

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XiCi Tue 27-Oct-20 20:14:27

Does it have to be gaming related? If they are that into it would they already have all the accessories etc? Just wondering if they drink at all? You can get a boxed set of 4 beers or ciders from B&M and pair it with some nice chocolate for less than a tenner. I did this as a token gift for my cousins sons last year and they seemed pleased with it. Bit more of a treat than socks etc

DinosaurOfFire Tue 27-Oct-20 21:59:36

If they are PC gamers and stream their games then anything 'novelty' for the pc is unlikely to go down well, as they will already have their set up sorted the way they like it. I agree with XiCi that their favourite beer/ cider and chocolate would probably go down well, and your partner should be able to find out in advance what they like.

uncomfortablydumb53 Wed 28-Oct-20 16:37:41

Mouse Mat?
Mug filled with sweets/ Chocolates

DinosaurOfFire Wed 28-Oct-20 17:46:49

@uncomfortablydumb53 I would be wary of buying serious gamers a mousemat, for eg my husband and I both have ones that cost around £35 as our 'basic' ones, and wouldn't switch for a cheaper one, if anything we plan to upgrade them to more expensive ones when we update our systems and the kids are a bit older and less likely to pick at them! For under £10 it would be tricky to get one that was excellent quality.

Nothavingfunrightnow Thu 29-Oct-20 10:07:21

Thanks much for all the ideas. I have bought two tee shirts from Qwertee within my budget and I checked with my partner that his sons might like them.

Hopefully the good ideas have been useful for others, too 🙂

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CrazyOldBagLady Thu 29-Oct-20 10:09:37

Steam voucher

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