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Teenage girls

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knowsmorethansnow Sun 25-Oct-20 22:46:27

I really need some ideas what I can get my daughter other than clothes and make up. She likes drawing, is very creative , likes things that are abit different.

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Franticbutterfly Sun 25-Oct-20 22:52:42

Some good markers eg Winsor & Newton and some books/paper to use them in; charcoals; inktense watercolour pencils. Or something like a tie dye kit?

Snog Sun 25-Oct-20 22:55:34

Punch needle kit
Arteza art supplies

Houseplantmad Sun 25-Oct-20 23:07:04

Wacom Intuous, I think it's called. My son is the same and he got one last Christmas and loves it. You draw on it and the image appears on your laptop so you can then animate etc.

Watercolour markers, a hit with DD.

Covidcovidcovid Sun 25-Oct-20 23:13:09

Tie dye kit with blank white primary "converse" to do?
Record player?
Mini Sega mega drive ?

Curiositykilledthecat113 Sun 25-Oct-20 23:54:58

For an artistic, creative girl who likes things a bit different go to Urban Outfitters. Go to the home and lifestyle section of their website, you’ll find all sorts of quirky bits and bobs.

Feckmesideways Sun 25-Oct-20 23:57:21

Japanese sweet box
Some art books base on different art history and movements, design books, graphic design, interior, architecture, fashion or how to draw etc depending what she’s into.
Decent set of pencils, pens etc.
If she has an iPad you could get her an Apple Pencil, as there’s lots of apps for drawing in the App Store
Lego architecture set
Adobe cloud subscription, includes photoshop, indesign, illustrator and more, there’s a deal on for students around £15 per month.
A nice piece of jewellery that she’s maybe been after.
An online course in something she would like to learn.

knowsmorethansnow Wed 28-Oct-20 22:01:29

Thank you some really good ideas

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catgotmytongue Wed 28-Oct-20 22:11:18

I'm getting mine a lino printing kit

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