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Electric heated throw/blanket recommendations

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StrangeAddiction Sun 25-Oct-20 15:00:07

Dh is disabled and really feels the cold and takes forever to warm up, even sitting with a blanket and heating on he complains his hands and feet are freezing.

I'd love to get him an electric heated throw/blanket to put over him while he's sitting in the sitting room watching tv etc.

Any recommendations for a lovely soft, preferably machine washable throw for no more than £50?


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FionaMacCool Sun 25-Oct-20 15:07:57

I got one from Aldi- several years ago, which was nice. Adequate.
Cant remember the cost- perhaps £30?
Thought it was lovely- such a treat to sit in the office with it over me.

Subsequently got one from Lakeland..... absolute game changer.
Much more expensive....but, we can sit on the sofa without any heating at the moment. Last evening, we were all too warm, in fact.

I washed it during the summer, and it came up beautifully again.

It's much more than your budget, but might be worth looking at?

diplodocusinermine Sun 25-Oct-20 15:10:57

Costco had one in today (heated throw). Think it was about £38+VAT.

StrangeAddiction Sun 25-Oct-20 15:17:14

Thank you both, I'll have a look smile

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HomeSliceKnowsBest Sun 25-Oct-20 18:40:50

Levivo do excellent ones which are machine washable and you can get them for £35 ish on ebay (new obvs!).

StrangeAddiction Mon 26-Oct-20 11:27:34

Thanks! That sounds like it fits the bill, I'll have a look smile

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Sodamncold Mon 26-Oct-20 12:01:19

Go high end, which means spending more but worth it.
I’m a heated blanket veteran

Lakeland good.

StrangeAddiction Mon 26-Oct-20 20:56:52

Thank you, I checked out Lakeland and they've got one for £50 but I'll maybe try and get a more expensive one.

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confusednortherner Mon 26-Oct-20 21:03:25

Watching with great interest here as also looking for one. I'm permanently cold this time of year but rest of house aren't. Lakeland have their own one I'm debating at minute but worried it won't be worth the money. I felt one in John Lewis and was disappointed how thin and hard it felt.

InFiveMins Mon 26-Oct-20 22:27:21

I have this one and couldn't recommend it more. Use it every day in the winter and it keeps me lovely and warm.

FionaMacCool Tue 27-Oct-20 08:20:28

We have this one from Lakeland.

It's double your budget -> I saw it mentioned here several years ago, and did think, how could it possibly be worth double the average one?

But, you mentioned that your husband is disabled.... this is quite heavy as a throw, so it's warm before you ever turn it on.
The heating elements are well distributed throughout (the Aldi one was warm at one end, for comparison).
We find that we turn it on, when we first sit down in the evening.
But, we generally have to turn it off after an hour or so, as it's quite warm, and retains the heat for a good while.

I dont work for them!

You could order it and return if not right? Their returns seem to be free on the website?

CottonSock Tue 27-Oct-20 08:23:31

Please be careful. My grandmother had a really bad fire from one. I guess she'd probably had it for years and it was ancient and unsafe.

supermodel Tue 27-Oct-20 08:26:25

I have the Lakeland one too. It is fabulous, the warmth really eases aches and pains too.

FancyNancyl Tue 27-Oct-20 08:43:31

I think the Lakeland one is the same as the one @InFiveMins recommended as they have the same controller.

And it could also be the same as this one at Costco which is £20 cheaper .

littlestpogo Fri 30-Oct-20 15:44:58

Sorry to revive this thread but I’m also looking for a heated throw for my DM -however would like one that isn’t too heavy? Was wondering if anyone had tried the less expensive Lakeland ones at all?

QueenPaws Fri 30-Oct-20 15:50:04

I have the cheaper (£50) dreamwell relax from Argos and really like it

Sparklfairy Fri 30-Oct-20 15:53:21

I've got this one. It's £40, wouldn't be without it.

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