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Letters to Santa/Father Christmas

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PinkJam Sun 25-Oct-20 13:50:13

I wondered what people do for this?

Do you send a reply from Santa yourself?

Use the Royal Mail one?

Or do you do a charity one, and if so, which?


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Mindymomo Sun 25-Oct-20 14:06:23

I wouldn’t be using Royal Mail this year, they are going to be really, really busy. I would post my own reply through letterbox.

happylittlechick Sun 25-Oct-20 14:36:11

I've used Royal Mail in previous years. It's quite good.

superstar84 Sun 25-Oct-20 14:38:03

The nspcc do great letters online, no set charge but suggested donation is £5

We've had them for years and they've always been fantastic

SueEllenMishke Sun 25-Oct-20 14:41:48

We use the NSPCC one. They're great

PinkJam Sun 25-Oct-20 18:18:30

I’ve not used the NSPCC one before, going to have a look now.

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OakleyStreetisnotinChelsea Sun 25-Oct-20 18:20:45

My kids have never had a reply! They send them up the chimney. There was once a panic when dh got the kids to do them and sent them up (burned them) while I was at work but had neglected to read them first so had no idea what was on them!

thelegohooverer Sun 25-Oct-20 18:33:13

@OakleyStreetisnotinChelsea did you have to break the news to him that FC isn’t real? grin

We’ve never had a reply either, except ds’ first year when I wrote one in the style of Tolkien and dh vetoed pretentious literary allusions when it came to Christmas. He was probably right but ...sigh.

LockdownLove Sun 25-Oct-20 18:37:41

My boys are too old now but I would write them each a letter in my special “once a year Father Christmas” handwriting. It always mentioned a couple of good things they had done during the year smile.

And explained why he could not deliver when impossible presents were requested - “a pet monkey and the ability to fly” had to be covered one year.

I have kept the letters smile

Scanner20 Sun 25-Oct-20 19:44:29

NSPCC every year.. they do good letters and many designs

JinglesWish Sun 25-Oct-20 19:50:27

I ordered a letter from a lady on Etsy. It’s beautiful. Her shop is Lunar Handwriting. I did think about trying to do it myself, but I’d spend a lot of the bits (nice paper and I wanted a wax seal) and it wouldn’t look as nice 😆

HotToCold Sun 25-Oct-20 22:42:05

Iv used NSPCC .... But this is one i saw today

WeeM Sun 25-Oct-20 23:15:41

I’ve used the nspcc one a few times and it’s great. I used the Royal Mail one last year and panic was setting in as no reply was forthcoming! So I probably wouldn’t do that again. Off to look up that Etsy one though, it sounds lovely.

HotToCold Mon 26-Oct-20 01:26:50

Saw this and thought it was lovely

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