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What are you buying your 3/4 year old this year?

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Grandmaschickensalad Sun 25-Oct-20 07:50:15

I just can’t come up with anything!! They’re still such young ages and already have a lot. Both into dinosaurs and craft activities one ds and one dd.

So what are you getting yours?

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NerrSnerr Sun 25-Oct-20 07:53:44

My son is 3 and a half. He is getting some paw patrol toys, some Mario and Luigi soft toys, maybe some duplo and he has asked for a station for his wooden train track.

Shitfuckoh Sun 25-Oct-20 08:22:55

Mine will be 3 years 4 months at Christmas.
He's getting a Brio train set, Paw Patrol Dino rescue vehicles (plus the patroller). He's also getting a couple of the Sylvanian Families vehicles as he loved playing with my friends ones and hes vehicle mad so he'll love them - most likely end up paw patrol / Peppa vehicles though!

RedLimoncello Sun 25-Oct-20 08:24:12

I'm getting my 4 yo a little karaoke microphone thingy so she can sing along with her favourite songs. She wants to be a "singing mummy" when she grows up.

CloudyVanilla Sun 25-Oct-20 08:41:50

I'm fed up of throwing away hugely underused play sets so I'm focusing on character toys on their own. Vehicles do okay here but those enormous structures never seem to get played with by my two!

They will also be getting lots of useful items in their stockings that they will also consider fun treats. No tat or things that will be thrown away; a mix of edible treats and otherwise consumable stuff - body sprays, bubble bath, bath bombs etc. And stickers/notebooks/books

Ownerofmultiplechimps Sun 25-Oct-20 13:12:11

Ds2 will be 4 in March, he’s getting a marble run, cars & track & a robot plus will get some new story books etc. This is what he tells me he’s putting on his Santa list & it’s easy to get too so a win for me also

OnlyFoolsnMothers Sun 25-Oct-20 13:14:54

Nothing big this year- my husband insisted on a bike last year and my 3 yr old still can’t ride it.
Dressing up costumes from B&M, some room decoration stuff, hair clips, some writing books (those dot to dot tracing ones), maybe a puzzle or an orchard game.

micc Sun 25-Oct-20 14:35:48

My DD is 4, she will be getting some toy story action figures.
I have also got her a spiderman action figure and a RC car, smile
Argos has great toys in the 2 for 15. Have you got a wobble board? I have one for my DD and she loves it

ValiaH Sun 25-Oct-20 14:47:58

This year my 3.5 year old will be getting- Paw Patrol die cast cars, Playmobil fire engine, Schleich dinosaur figures, Thomas and Brio trains, a Barbie merman and a Barbie Ken so he can join in with his sisters games. He's also having some paw patrol and cars 3 play sets off other people.

KitKatastrophe Sun 25-Oct-20 15:58:00

I bought a wooden toy box from Aldi (£29.99) and I'm going to fill it with dressing up bits.
I've got hats, wigs and accessories like silly glasses and jewellery. I got a few full "costumes" e.g. a moana costume and an astronaut costume, second hand for a few pounds but I mainly want it to be mix and match.
I'm also thinking the toy box will be useful even when she outgrown the dressing up stuff.

Funnyface1 Sun 25-Oct-20 16:11:38

DD is 4. She's asked for a kaleidoscope but I'm also getting orchard games, Lego friends, books, Crayola washimals, scooter, styling head, teddies and favourite character soft toys, arts and crafts stuff, play jewellery, binoculars, hatchimal eggs and anything else I see that I know she'll like.

sugarplumfairy2010 Sun 25-Oct-20 16:21:31

A dolls house, playmobil, books, jigsaw the hatchimals flying fairy.

ImFree2doasiwant Sun 25-Oct-20 16:49:36

Ds2 is 3 and will be getting some dinosaurs (schleich) and a Jurassic world lego set. Puzzle of some sort, book. Ds1 is 5 and will have some mathslink cubes and a Lego submarine. Solar system puzzle. Book.

Keen for it not to be loads tbh!

They have stockings, and we have elves who bring a few bits throughout December.

Pepperwand Sun 25-Oct-20 19:29:01

DS will be 4 in February and is dinosaur mad. I'm getting him a dinosaur encyclopedia, some schleich dinosaurs for the collection and also an ammonite from the UKGE site which was recommended on here. He's also getting a hoodie and some wall stickers for his bedroom then his stocking from Father Christmas with just little bits and bobs in it.

Bikingbear Sun 25-Oct-20 19:45:56

Mine seems to be after Paw Patrol Dino truck. He is getting a new scooter and camera.

That is a birthday/christmas list. I'm fed up of him nicking my camera. I did have a marble run in mind but changed my mind leaving that idea for next year.

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