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If you're looking for unique, smart, interesting gifts for kids...

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ladybee28 Thu 15-Oct-20 20:32:59

I recommend it all the time to everyone who's looking for something out of the ordinary and intelligent for kiddos –it's US-based, so the links tend to take you to US sites, but you can usually find the gifts themselves in the UK too.

It's the The Kid Should See This Gift Guide , created by the makers of The Kid Should See This, which is also very cool.

Categories at the top, or you can just scroll and look at everything. Seems a little book-heavy right now, but it's often updated.

It's a tumblr, so you have to keep scrolling down and it sometimes takes a second to load, but it's also Freaking Awesome for inspiration or just a good browse.

I find myself linking to it all the blimmin' time, so I thought I'd stick it in its own thread and be done wiht it grin

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ladybee28 Thu 15-Oct-20 20:33:29

Should say - I'm not affiliated with it at all – I just love it and wanted to share!

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FredtheFerret Thu 15-Oct-20 20:38:38

Thank you! I've just ordered a fab looking game from here. Never heard of them before, but it looks quite cool!

starlingsintheslipstream Thu 15-Oct-20 20:48:17

I saw this site linked on here the other day and spent ages browsing. There are some great gift ideas. If it was you, thanks!

Jemmy360 Thu 15-Oct-20 21:02:35

This is an absolutely brilliant list thank you!

ladybee28 Thu 15-Oct-20 21:15:24

It's a lovely collection, right?

Really thoughtful, and so many things I've never seen anywhere else.

The 'Grown Ups' category has loads of stuff I'm eyeing for myself, too!

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RooKangaroo Thu 15-Oct-20 22:43:11

These are fantastic, thank you!

TheLastStarfighter Thu 15-Oct-20 22:54:33

Thanks @ladybee28!!! That’s stocking fillers sorted, which is great because I had been at a total loss as to what to get.

Namechangeforthis88 Fri 16-Oct-20 12:01:14

I could have spent all day scrolling. List at least half done now and will forward the link to DB and DBIL for their broods, it will be right up their street.

Honestly, dead chuffed, my wee geek is going to love some of this stuff. He has a birthday in December so we need loads of ideas.

ladybee28 Fri 16-Oct-20 12:32:56

@Namechangeforthis88 your post has made me really happy –so glad to hear this is up your little guy's alley!

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myshoelaces Fri 16-Oct-20 12:59:23

Brilliant thank you. I was struggling for ideas. Some of these books look interesting enough to read myself!

EwDavid Fri 16-Oct-20 13:18:19

Thanks so much for this, I've had such a lovely time looking through! My very hard to buy son who's ten in December will be sorted with much more thoughtful original gifts than I would otherwise have found!

EwDavid Fri 16-Oct-20 13:23:49


It's a lovely collection, right?

Really thoughtful, and so many things I've never seen anywhere else.

The 'Grown Ups' category has loads of stuff I'm eyeing for myself, too!

I'm being daft but how do you find the grown ups section?

ladybee28 Fri 16-Oct-20 13:50:35

@EwDavid it's one of the items in the categories list at the top...

Here, I've attached a screenshot. Red circled bit on the right.

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Raindropsonrosesand Fri 16-Oct-20 18:39:40

Wow, thanks @ladybee28 That's an amazing gift guide!

Battenburg1978 Sat 17-Oct-20 08:54:56

Thank you for this - great inspiration!

Oysterbabe Sat 17-Oct-20 17:02:14

Wow this is amazing. I've bought a few things for the kids and added loads more to the ideas list.

ZigZagToTheBeach Sun 18-Oct-20 12:12:15

Thank you so much for sharing! Off for a good scroll through 😁

oobedobe Sun 18-Oct-20 23:51:41

excellent gift guide thanks for the link!!

CurbsideProphet Fri 23-Oct-20 21:55:31

Great link thanks. Looking now for birthday and Christmas presents for a soon to be 9 year old boy who is difficult to buy for!

LeroyJenkinssss Fri 23-Oct-20 23:13:47

Wow that’s fantastic and I’ve found loads of wonderful little (and big) things - thanks!

RainingDogs Fri 23-Oct-20 23:51:38

Wow this is amazing! Thanks for sharing!

Thehollyandtheirony Sat 24-Oct-20 07:36:05

Amazing! That’s my morning sorted.
Thanks for sharing.

Rodigan Sat 24-Oct-20 08:16:45

Thank you.This is an amazing many books I have never seen before!

Carrie76 Sat 24-Oct-20 09:17:50

OMG I love this site, it was made for my kids grin

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