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Xmas Treat Bags

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Beautyoftheirdreams Fri 09-Oct-20 09:20:55

I was thinking of ways to make the week between breaking up from school and Xmas a little bit more festive as lots of the stuff we would normally do is unlikely to happen with covid.

I was thinking I might buy some paper bags and fill them each day with little treats and ideas of things to do that day.

So far I have:

* Home cinema ticket for an Xmas film with little bags of popcorn and treats

* Hot chocolate sachets and marshmallows to take in the car to see Xmas lights

* cooking ingredients for some festive baking

Not really sure what else. Any ideas to elevate it would be appreciated. Was thinking maybe hiding the bag each day and leaving a clue to find it

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sapnupuas Fri 09-Oct-20 09:34:22

A new tree ornament

Walk to see people's lights (with a baileys got chocolate for the adults)

Pin the nose on the reindeer
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Fivemoreminutes1 Fri 09-Oct-20 17:07:17

How old are your Dc?

Aroundtheworldin80moves Fri 09-Oct-20 18:56:55

Paperchain kit

Gingerbread house

elQuintoConyo Fri 09-Oct-20 19:10:45

A different collection of their own Lego each day, challenge them to make a tree, a snowman, a sleigh, a toy etc. Nothing bought, they use the stuff they already have. My 8yo loves this.

Spaghetti: play the Xmas spelling game (it's messy, and wasteful!). Say 'tree', they have to use spaghetti to write the word. Words can get longer and longer. They can use whole sticks, or snap them smaller.

Depending on your DC's ages, you can make/download Xmas dot-to-dots, crosswords, spot the differences, mazes etc.

Newmumatlast Fri 09-Oct-20 19:32:14

This is a lovely idea. I'm planning similar but doing it as a December box of stuff to make up for what isn't happening as a family. Online you can find lots of craft ideas and so I've bought some cheap crafting bits from the works and am making up paper bags of the different activities with printed picture. There are also loads of printables free online. Colourimg pages and quiz sheets and stuff

Needtodecide1 Sat 10-Oct-20 06:34:24

Maybe ingredients/paints to make salt dough Christmas tree decorations?

You could do a north pole breakfast one day - see Google if you are unsure what this is, lol.

Christmas card making - they could make special ones for grandparents?

If your local ice rink is open you could make a voucher for ice skating?

MasterBruceBalloon Sat 10-Oct-20 06:39:20

Love all these ideas. Hadn't thought of little treat bags but my toddler will love that - thanks OP

CloudyVanilla Sat 10-Oct-20 07:28:29

I went to look around Flying Tiger the other day and they have started doing these really interesting looking little surprise bags! They have one aimed at adults, teens and kids; maybe one day they could have them as a wild card treat bag? The handle is shaped such that you could decorate it with tinsel or tie a bauble on smile

Beautyoftheirdreams Sat 10-Oct-20 21:04:13

Thanks for your ideas.

I have a bit of an age gap so can do different things: DD 10 and DS 3

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Leeds2 Sat 10-Oct-20 23:40:49

A Christmas carol/songs CD, that you can play and sing along to.

UndertheCedartree Sun 11-Oct-20 00:01:10

That sounds really sweet. I know what you mean about usual activities not on. We will have no visit to FC this year and no pantomime which are our usual traditions.

How about coloured paper and glitter to make paperchains, a Christmas sticker book/colouring book, pinecones/nuts to paint/glitter?

I also get all the Christmas books down on 1st Dec in their basket and read a Christmas story every night until epiphany.

micc Sun 11-Oct-20 05:36:56

Great idea OP, I went to Hobbycraft yesterday and stocked up on Christmas crafts for my DD. Lots of great little paint your own orniments and tea lights. I also got paint your own puzzle. They have great cookie cutters and baking bits in too

kavalkada Sun 11-Oct-20 07:09:20

Sounds wonderful. I can't wait till my kids are a bit older, there is so much more to do with them then when they're little.

I put cards with activities in advent calendar for my little boy.

Board games - there is nothing you can't play with kids your age

Treasure hunt for one gift on Christmas Day (I do that with my kid)

Christmas puzzle - put it on the cork board so it is easy to remove it from table

Decorating gingerbread house

Christmas books from December the 1st

Christmas quiz (you can add scenes from movies and music extracts) - the winner gets something special

Creating your own escape room (there are amazing ideas online)

If you have big house and garden playing hide and seek - but with a twist - leaving clues all over the house

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