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Christmas Gifts for Employees

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SK2970 Thu 08-Oct-20 18:59:37

Hi all!
Looking for any recommendations for small Xmas presents for employees? Have 18 staff, mostly men! We all work remotely across the country and we would usually all get together for Xmas 'party' but we can't do that this year!
Do have access to a cricut machine if any suggestions with one of those?!
Thanks in advance!

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Didiusfalco Thu 08-Oct-20 19:01:52

What would the budget be per person?

Fivemoreminutes1 Thu 08-Oct-20 19:21:00

Christmas tea or coffee depending upon taste

Clementine and Cranberry Buck’s Fizz or cherry and amaretto

SK2970 Thu 08-Oct-20 19:28:00


What would the budget be per person?

Around £10 each - I will either need to get something bulk sent to me to then get them posted out to them or get them sent direct.

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SK2970 Thu 08-Oct-20 19:29:23

@Fivemoreminutes1 I love the drinks ideas, thank you! I'd need to work our postage costs!

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