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Family Xmas pjamas

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FedUpWithItAllWeep Wed 07-Oct-20 13:47:52

Every year I um and ah about getting us matching pjs for Xmas and every year I leave it too late and the DC end up with PJ's, and me nothing (my DH literally doesn't care 😂)

So here I am looking in October but there seems to be very little about. Asda's are currently out of stock but also not very awe inspiring. Sainsbury's just don't seem to have any, I can't check Tesco without going in and Morrisons don't seem to be advertising any either.

I'm wary of getting any from eBay/Amazon etc as I'm not sure about quality and find the sizing to be off with S/M/L. I found some on studio but they have just arrived and quite frankly a bit crap..

Am I too early for this or is there going to be a real lack of affordable/supermarket quality family Christmas PJ's this year?

Any suggestions (which preferably don't cost more than £50 for a family of 4)?

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LividLaughLovely Wed 07-Oct-20 13:50:57

Following. Looking for some that are both tasteful and cater for the shorter, lardier woman of the house...

Flackattack Wed 07-Oct-20 14:29:33

I think the pyjamas will be coming out in the next few weeks - I don’t like Asda as they always do short sleeves and it’s cold in December!
Matalan is worth looking at and M&S did lovely ones last year! I think most are on the bandwagon now!!! They had lots more stock last year than in previous years! Next always have nice ones but they are expensive! And last years colour ran! Primark are Good and cheap but you have to go into primark grin

everythingisginandroses Wed 07-Oct-20 15:19:51

Matalan have some Alder Hey hospital fundraising ones.

FrancisCross Wed 07-Oct-20 15:42:05

Following this. I feel like this time last year there were loads about! Will be checking so I don’t miss out.

FedUpWithItAllWeep Wed 07-Oct-20 15:48:52

Yes, my bottom is definitely larger than it should be at the moment 😳 @LividLaughLovely

I'm hoping more do come out. The Alder Hey Matalan ones are already sold out online and aren't particularly christmassy.. I'm nervous about sending the ones I have back in case I end up with non but at the same time the material is essentially see through and just doesn't give off that cosey Xmas vibe!

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Drinkingallthewine Wed 07-Oct-20 16:00:17

Next have some.

Scotlass Wed 07-Oct-20 19:41:40

I got ours in Debenhams last year
Gingerbread men on them. Will last ages as good quality so hoping they have similar this year. DH hasn't worn his at all and DD prefers a shorts and tee set so has only worn hers once.

Think I'll just buy for me and DS we love them.

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