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LongPauseNoAnswer Sat 03-Oct-20 20:10:44

Does anyone else have a DH who is practically impossible to buy for? He doesn’t need anything, doesn’t want anything and I have no clue what to get him.

He doesn’t drink, doesn’t smoke, doesn’t like sports. He sounds horrifically boring but he’s not I swear grin

What are you getting your impossible to buy for DH?

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NerdyBird Wed 21-Oct-20 18:54:40

my DH loves his pizza oven. He's tricky to buy for and has a birthday near xmas. Some good ideas here!

2020nymph Wed 21-Oct-20 19:12:06

Presents that have gone down well:

T-shirt's with film references
One of those towels that are cold
Hard to find haribo
Retro sweets
Aerator shoes
Bat torch (which he mocked but said it's one of the most useful presents)
Zip line voucher
Escape room
Personalised socks
CaH + expansion packets
Exploding Kittens
Tickets to football legends tour
Gig tickets
Cable friends
Personalised marmite

hoopdeloop Sat 24-Oct-20 08:09:53

Realise this might only be of interest to those in Scotland, but Nutmeg have produced a book called Snapshot which is pictures and stories from football grounds around Scotland, and not just the ‘big clubs’. We’ve bulk bought them for our dads and uncles!

superstar84 Sat 24-Oct-20 08:47:08

Have you got that snapshot book?

My grandad is a Greenock Morton fan and wondering if that team are in the book

hoopdeloop Sat 24-Oct-20 08:57:40

@superstar84 I’ll go check for you smile

qwertypie Sat 24-Oct-20 09:01:04

We don't usually get gifts for one another at Christmas (unless we happen to know a particular thing that the other would really appreciate) but instead schedule an overnight stay somewhere together and ask grandparents to watch our son. A bit trickier at the moment, but still possible.


hoopdeloop Sat 24-Oct-20 09:06:23

@superstar84 there is a picture of Greenock morton, but I’d say it’s more a tour of Scottish football grounds and some stories to go around. I’ll attach a picture of the contents page. I do think if you love football, regardless of your team you’ll enjoy it

caringcarer Sat 24-Oct-20 09:15:03

I have never had this issue before as I always buy DH cricket tickets. This year he could not go as no spectators so tickets rolled over till next year. Now what can I get him? He has every tool imaginable. Does not smoke. Can no longer do sport as dodgy knee. He has loads of clothes. I am watching this thread for inspiration but if nothing suitable I suppose I could try to book a weekend away somewhere relaxing for next spring if Covid allows.

superstar84 Sat 24-Oct-20 09:33:26


*@superstar84* there is a picture of Greenock morton, but I’d say it’s more a tour of Scottish football grounds and some stories to go around. I’ll attach a picture of the contents page. I do think if you love football, regardless of your team you’ll enjoy it

Thankyou it looks really good so I've ordered it!

diplodocusinermine Sat 24-Oct-20 17:00:19

Hoopdeloop, excellent, that's one hard to buy for bil sorted. Thank you!

Charlottle Sat 24-Oct-20 18:36:44

Like many of you, I also have a partner that doesn’t have too many hobbies but does at least drink. He likes sketching, computer games, reading (especially graphic novels), goes running with a friend but not in any serious capacity and we both love a holiday and weekends away together, although this isn’t something we buy each other for Christmas.
The things I have bought him in the past that have gone down well have been:

A Tokyo Treat box of random Japanese snacks, sweets and drinks (Japan was his favourite holiday that we have been on).
A really nice leather bound sketchbook with some nice pencils.
The Brewdog Christmas selection box of beers that has been in Asda each year for the last few years, which has now become a bit of a tradition as he enjoys picking a random beer out of the box once or twice a week to try.
A giant jar of Nutella.
Really nice, soft pyjama trousers from Next.
A special illustrated edition hardback of a Neil Gaiman book.
A smart bulb (we’re quite behind on the whole smart technology thing haha but he loves being able to turn the light on and off using his phone).
Nice drinking glasses (he gets excited by more unusual drinking glasses 🤷‍♀️).

If you have a partner who is in to their garden, nature, walking, appreciates the hard work bees do etc, I think bee bombs are a great little stocking filler. They’re little balls of wildflower seeds that you can just throw on a cleared bit of soil and it’ll grow a selection of wildflowers, which will encourage the bees smile

There’s probably more but that’s my contribution for now.

Lovelydovey Sat 24-Oct-20 19:05:45

Long johns, pyjamas, a scarf, aftershave and a referees whistle for my DH who doesn’t want or need anything.

oatmilkisntsobad Sat 24-Oct-20 23:03:55


Ah, glad you like them! I think they're so simple but so clever. The print is good quality too.

Can I ask you what size you bought? Would the A5 be too small? Thanks!

CompleteBarstool Sun 25-Oct-20 08:33:59

One of my most successful presents for DP was a Leatherman multitool.

Fantastic quality. Still going strong over 10 years later and its used all the time.

There are lots of different ones available so its best to look at the attachments and see what might suit the recipients hobbies etc

lolarabbit Sun 25-Oct-20 08:55:57

Strangely the best received present I ever bought my DH was an EasyYo yogurt maker - he's had it at least 10 years and makes (delicious) home made yogurt at least twice a week.
My main tactic though is to buy something I want and give it to him as a gift. This year I'm tempted by a Velvetiser!

eitak22 Sun 25-Oct-20 09:14:30

@Scottishmum1984 where did you get the hamper?

fortran Sun 25-Oct-20 09:15:59

Mine gets a bottle of a decent single malt, some chocolate ginger and some nice coffee.

madcatladyforever Sun 25-Oct-20 09:18:42

Just don't get him anything then.
My ex was like this, he'd get super surly a few weeks before every birthday/christmas and say he didn't want anything so I stopped bothering. I'm not psychic and I'm not buying him useless gifts he doesn't want.
I'd say to him speak up or lose out. We'd just usually do cards and dinner.
We didn't get divorced over this issue it was other things.

madcatladyforever Sun 25-Oct-20 09:19:42

i did get him some chanel mens aftershave once when he said he didn't want anything and he got the hump, he thought it was a slur on his personal hygeine. You cannot win so don't try.

ForeverInADay Sun 25-Oct-20 09:27:01

Oh my I need this thread.

My husband is the same, doesn't drink, some. Is a stay at home dad.

He loves techie stuff but buys it when he needs it!

I was thinking a weekend away with me arranging baby sitting with my sister in law (his sister) but COVID makes that an entirely unreliable plan!

GETTINGLIKEMYMOTHER Sun 25-Oct-20 10:01:08

I’ll get him the usual stocking bits, inc. a lot of his favourite nuts, but nothing else. He honestly doesn’t want or need anything. He recently had a birthday when I bought a couple of things he could do with, inc. a replacement for a favourite (M&S) cashmere jumper which the moths had been at.
I shall probably go and do a big shop just for the food bank on his behalf. And will be likely tell him to do the same for me.

A couple of years ago, after I’d made a very extravagant and totally unnecessary purchase earlier in the year, I told him not to buy me anything (except the usual chocolates!) and did a big food bank shop instead.

PolkadotsAndMoonbeams Sun 25-Oct-20 11:23:16

Charlottle, I don't know if you're looking for something for this year, but he might like a graphics pad.

I borrowed one from work for online meetings etc during lockdown, and have now bought my own so I can use it for sketching as well. I like sketching on paper, but it's quite fun to try drawing directly onto a computer, and I can see it coming in useful to sometimes have a digital version of something straightaway rather than having to scan and edit.

MrsHSW Sun 25-Oct-20 11:36:28

I've got one to add.

My DH has a physical job, likes fixing cars, gardening , DIY.

Lush used to do a soap with pumice in and it was great at getting off paint, oil, soil and grime from hands - even worn in dirt on hard skin.

He liked it so much he brought one for his dad and brother.

Unfortunately discontinued this year but found something similar on Etsy for DH's stocking this year from a small UK seller.

KitKatastrophe Sun 25-Oct-20 16:07:44

Yep my husband doesnt want or need anything and if he did he would just buy it himself.
He wrote a Christmas list which included festive delights such as a phone charger, travel mug or chopping board hmm

It's also his 30th birthday the week before Christmas so I had a double whammy of no present ideas! Especially as I would usually get him tickets to a gig or show but obviously these arent going ahead.

I decided to get him an off road driving experience as we live quite near to a race circuit where they do that sort if thing, as well as skid pan or supercar driving experiences. It was about £100

crikeycrumbsblimey Sun 25-Oct-20 19:46:51

Anyone whose OH likes football - I’ve just discovered vintage subbuteo figures in boxes. Managed to find my DH team

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