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LongPauseNoAnswer Sat 03-Oct-20 20:10:44

Does anyone else have a DH who is practically impossible to buy for? He doesn’t need anything, doesn’t want anything and I have no clue what to get him.

He doesn’t drink, doesn’t smoke, doesn’t like sports. He sounds horrifically boring but he’s not I swear grin

What are you getting your impossible to buy for DH?

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Voiceofreason92 Mon 05-Oct-20 20:46:04

This is the one i bought, but it was only £70 when i bought it. It works great. I bought a paddle thing too to get the pizza in and out

ProperVexed Mon 05-Oct-20 21:17:32

Thanks, @Voiceofreason92 , that looks brilliant! It might be the perfect present.

ClosedAuraOpenMind Mon 05-Oct-20 22:30:15


*@Voiceofreason92* Please could you tell me which pizza oven you bought.....and was it any good? It might be the perfect thing for difficult DH!

DH bought himself an Ooni pizza oven during lockdown and it's been a huge hit. pricey, at £250 - but we're saving money by not having Dominoes on Friday night grin
we've got the wood fired one, and it cooks pizzas in about 90 seconds

GETTINGLIKEMYMOTHER Tue 06-Oct-20 01:24:31

I found a massive (£10) bag of mixed nuts in Waitrose today. They’ll be going in dh’s stocking, he’s a nut addict.

Thanks to whoever mentioned the ale making kits from Lakeland - perfect for two sons in law.

RubyFakeLips Tue 06-Oct-20 14:38:37

Very dull but I bought a power bank/jump starter for cars last year as a last minute extra and DH was so impressed has since bought for a few gifts to relatives, actually a useful gift for all sorts of people as long as they remember to charge it.

@ClosedAuraOpenMind Thanks! I've just ordered the Ooni - anything that gets him out the house is fine by me, and pizza on tap is even better!

He had actually been looking at the Gozney in the summer, which is slightly pricier, then he weighed himself and forgot about the idea sharpish. No one cares about their weight at Christmas though...

Serena1977 Tue 06-Oct-20 15:26:41

This year I've bought dh:
Knee protector/gardening stool
Swiss army knife
Box of Odd socks
LED beanie
Board game
Planting spade


RollaCola84 Tue 06-Oct-20 15:35:17

I also have a "I don't need anything" DP with a birthday not long before Christmas. He's a bloody nightmare, oh and he just buys himself things sometimes as well whereas I drop hints if its near my birthday or Christmas.

Last few years I've been doing experience rather than stuff so paid for things like weekends away, really good meals, activities like gokarting. Not sure that'll work this year.

sueelleker Tue 06-Oct-20 16:13:54

My DH suffers from stress-induced seizures, so I've bought him a weighted blanket to see if that helps.(Might stop him waking me in the middle of the night)

CoronaIsWatching Tue 06-Oct-20 19:37:07

Mine's the same, doesn't want anything, doesn't want anything material. Doesn't drink, never uses vouchers. ideas for this year (birthday and xmas)

- Personalised Photo desk calendar with pictures of places we've been and us together, to match the seasons
- Those flowers that open up when you put them in boiling water, for tea
- Socks
- Chocolates
- Scratchcard/lottery ticket
- Gift Experience
- Grow your own coffee kit

SpnBaby1967 Tue 06-Oct-20 19:38:24

My DH is the same. I usually resort to novelty tshirts, an xbox game and chocolates.

He just has everything he needs and the only things he's really in to are mega expensive (as much as he hopefully puts a motorbike on his xmas list it'll never happen grin).

This year he's buying the new xbox so hopefully I can score a decent game for that.

ClosedAuraOpenMind Tue 06-Oct-20 20:49:02

glad to be of some assistance @RubyFakeLips grin
I've been really impressed with the pizzas from the Ooni - although we did have a few burnt ones at the start as DH got used to the temperature!

crikeycrumbsblimey Fri 09-Oct-20 21:25:51

Went actual shopping today and bought DH maple syrup....yep that’s it!

Came across this via something on twitter tonight and thought might make a pressie if I can think of a suitable quote!

Whattodowithaminute Sat 10-Oct-20 07:39:40

My DH is tricky too, his birthday near Christmas has allowed some of these as joint presents, but successful things have been;
Magazine subscription (private eye, economist, decanter)
Sous vide machine
Sonos system
Sous chef ingredients kits
Interesting cook books
Japanese whisky
Riedel Wine glasses

This year I have no idea...

TryingtobePrepared Sat 10-Oct-20 08:21:30

I think DP will be getting a make your own chorizo or cure your own bacon kit, maybe a spicery subscription. Always gets t shirts and i quite often buy something the kids will enjoy doing with him last year was lego, this year miggt be the haynes buikd your own radio advent calender ( he'd hate an advent calender so he'd get it xmas day)

Zenithbear Sat 10-Oct-20 10:04:41

Mine is easy to buy for
This year his nibs will be getting
Milk frother
Mini tool keyring
Single malt whiskey
Motorbike gloves
Lindt reindeer
Drinks fridge

KatieBenz Sat 10-Oct-20 20:22:09

My son bought a Lidl ice maker earlier in the year and it is brilliant. He’s now taken it to uni, so I may buy one (not Lidl, as not available) for my husband. We never have room in the freezer for shop bought bags of ice.

Antirrhinum Sat 10-Oct-20 20:31:41

I thought of a perfect extra present for my DH yesterday, while doing something else. Then promptly forgot it. Still can't remember what it was 🙄

(See my PP on this Man Who Never Wants Anything)

HintOfVintagePink Sun 11-Oct-20 07:30:00

The pizza oven idea is brilliant!

Agree with upgrading things they have that love. It’s quite pricey but this year DH is getting the Sonos Move. Sonos becomes a bit of a collection! That is it though - he won’t be getting all the usual peripheries of clothes, slippers, aftershave etc.

I can really recommend a Whisky Me subscription too. It’s a monthly delivery of a taster of a different whisky every month. Very reasonably priced and no contract.

I’d also really recommend whisky stones as a gift for anyone who enjoys ice with drinks. Pop them in the freezer before adding to drinks. They don’t dilute drinks like ice does, which is apparently frowned upon by seasoned whisky drinkers!

raddledoldmisanthropist Sun 11-Oct-20 08:21:58

Leatherman squirt. It's the size of a key fob but all the tools are very usable. Very good quality.

balalalala Sun 11-Oct-20 08:27:07

Best received present here so far was a personalised jigsaw. He's into his mountain biking so I used a photo of somewhere he loves.

letsmaketea Sun 11-Oct-20 19:53:29

Thanks to this thread, I've just purchased the Ooni pizza oven for DH! Feeling very excited grin

withadivinebeatlesbaseline Sun 11-Oct-20 20:06:10

I have similar and our wedding anniversary is close to Christmas as well. For his birthday he wanted a steering wheel for his PlayStation hmm
Previous successful gifts have been:
Coffee bean subscription from coffee factory
Board games- 7 wonders, carcassonne expansions, Agricola (I also get to play these!)
Kitchen gadgets - pasta Machine, chopping board

Getting replacements for worn out things:
Dressing gown
Socks (every year!)
Jumpers from fat face / white stuff
T shirts (as above)
Skiing base layers

withadivinebeatlesbaseline Sun 11-Oct-20 20:08:59

And camera gadgets- best one ever was a Lensbaby ( ) but they appear to have doubled in price since 10 years ago!!

NeedingCoffee Sun 11-Oct-20 22:39:23

Ooni pizza ovens are brilliant! Don’t forget to buy some wood pellets and a paddle too, plus 00 dough flour and, ideally, the Ooni book on how to make the dough etc. Last year I got various relatives to buy different parts of the outfit and it was a huge success - we had pizza for our NYE party smile

sueelleker Mon 12-Oct-20 09:08:32

@NeedingCoffee; the trouble with giving different parts is making sure they get opened in the right order. If I didn't know I was getting a pizza oven, I'd be a bit confused by unwrapping a bag of flour!

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