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Christmas abroad

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OliviaBenson Thu 01-Oct-20 07:00:22

Wanting to get away abroad this year for Christmas- can't decide whether to go somewhere snowy or somewhere warm. Ideas so far are Cyprus or Salzburg.

Has anyone got any recommendations? Just me and DH, no kids to worry about.

(Setting Covid aside, if we really can't do it, we'll go next year instead!)

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Charlottet4242 Thu 01-Oct-20 07:30:09

Hi, we go to the canaries every for the year past 8 years. Tenerife was the hottest but had lovely weather in all of the islands. Sadly won't go this year as we take 82 year old mum in law. Dreading a U.K. Christmas if I'm honest!! Good luck deciding!

OliviaBenson Sat 03-Oct-20 23:16:41

Thanks! Canaries would have been fab if not for Covid!

Anyone else fancy indulging me? ☺️

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Aroundtheworldin80moves Sun 04-Oct-20 06:23:54

Cyprus is freezing in December if that helps
Several years ago, it basically rained the whole of January. It's warm/hot/hotter than being inside a fire Easter through to October

LongPauseNoAnswer Sun 04-Oct-20 06:29:37

I can’t imagine Christmas somewhere hot! Snowy destination would be my choice. You either have to go as north as possible or high in the Alps. Val d’Isere is gorgeous at Christmas, high enough to have snow at that time of the year and great skiing too.

Aroundtheworldin80moves Sun 04-Oct-20 07:00:00

We spent Christmas in the Italian Alps last year. It didn't feel like Christmas. Just skiing. Private chalet could be nice though.

On the other hand, the Christmases we spent in Germany (but not the Alps) were wonderful... But that's about the buildup rather than the day.

TrickyD Sun 04-Oct-20 09:49:51

Unless you are skiers, not much point in going to a ski resort.
Salzburg would be a great place to spend Christmas. Lots of festive atmosphere.

Gingerninja4 Sun 04-Oct-20 16:45:21

We did Lanzarote one year and loved it .Christmas on beach was very relaxed .If could afford it would go away every year

OliviaBenson Sun 04-Oct-20 18:14:39

Sadly we can't ski!!

Austria looking good, or maybe Germany. Gah!!

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OliviaBenson Sun 04-Oct-20 18:15:27

@Aroundtheworldin80moves where abouts in Germany were you?

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JaJaDingDong Sun 04-Oct-20 18:25:55

What about the Caribbean?

Aroundtheworldin80moves Sun 04-Oct-20 18:44:01


*@Aroundtheworldin80moves* where abouts in Germany were you?

We lived in the Westphalia region for a couple of years.

AvoidingRealHumans Sun 04-Oct-20 20:33:31

We did Christmas in Jamaica a couple of years ago.
Gorgeous place and had a great time but it didn't feel like Christmas.
I think somewhere cold and snowy would be better

OliviaBenson Sun 04-Oct-20 21:59:53

Ooooh id not thought about the Caribbean. Where is nice to stay- I've heard mixed things about some of the islands - Dominican Republic I think friends didn't like. Jamaica sounds good though!

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JaJaDingDong Thu 08-Oct-20 05:43:35

Barbados is nice

lockitdown Sat 10-Oct-20 18:03:15

We usually go away at Christmas and so far have been to Australia, Slovenia, Spain, Bulgaria, Gran Canaria, Austria (a few different areas), Hong Kong/Phuket, Andorra.
I would say Slovenia was the most beautiful and Christmassy. Austria was lovely but very simple and understated (if you have kids who are after the whole christmas feel). Christmas on the beach (Spain, Gran Canaria) was lovely but somewhat ruined by British tourists when it came to christmas meal time.
I think we would have liked to have gone to Italy this year sad

Bwlch Sat 10-Oct-20 18:08:24

Cyprus isn't that warm in December. You might get some skiing in though.

Bwlch Sat 10-Oct-20 18:10:06

If you skied. grin

OliviaBenson Sat 10-Oct-20 18:16:29

Wow @lockitdown!! Was it lake bled in Slovenia? We went there years ago now in the spring but Christmas could be awesome there!

No kids- any Austria recommendations?

Italy would be lovely too.

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OliviaBenson Sat 10-Oct-20 18:17:14

@Bwlch sadly we don't ski!

I'd read it was warm there but this post has confirmed otherwise. Ah well!

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lockitdown Sat 10-Oct-20 18:19:13

Hi, no, it was kranjka gora..skiing rubbish but my god, it was so beautiful!

lockitdown Sat 10-Oct-20 18:23:46

kranjska that was

DonnaDonna01 Sat 10-Oct-20 18:25:14

If looking at the Caribbean Barbados would be my first choice, beautiful island; lovely atmosphere. We didn’t get that at most other islands we’ve been to in the Caribbean.

ParrotheadRedux Sat 10-Oct-20 18:52:34

In the Caribbean I would skip DR and probably Jamaica too. Turks and Caicos is lovely, as are St Lucia, St Bart’s, and other islands in the French West Indies.

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