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Polaroid camera recommendations?

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CoffeeChocolateWine Wed 30-Sep-20 16:10:06

I’m considering buying my 8yo DD a polaroid camera for Christmas. Does anyone have any recommendations? Not quite sure what I’m looking for as never had one before!

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RepeatSwan Wed 30-Sep-20 16:11:42

I'm going to lurk as I love Polaroid cameras - but the last my son got (maybe 7 or 8 years ago) just didn't work like my old one did.

SunshineWalk Wed 30-Sep-20 19:17:17

Oooh following my ds wants a camera for her 7th birthday, was wondering about polaroid!

smallpotatoes7 Wed 30-Sep-20 19:32:22

I need one for myself never mind the kids 🙈😂

RepeatSwan Wed 30-Sep-20 20:37:04

Feel bad for the OP who has attracted a number of lurkers but had no advice grin

Ber84 Wed 30-Sep-20 21:27:15

I have an 8 year old girl and I have ordered her this Fuji Instax Mini 11 Instant Camera- Blush Pink from smyths toy store, I did however over films and accessory pack to go with it from amazon and I got a scrap book too, it's her big suprise from santa.

Onceuponatimethen Wed 30-Sep-20 21:29:21

Instax mini 9 - my dd got one for her birthday and they are amazing! Buy lots of film packs and get something for her to use to display the pics! One of those little mini photo washing lines they clip on to or maybe a scrapbook to paste them in?

Ber84 Wed 30-Sep-20 21:31:30

Ber84 Wed 30-Sep-20 21:35:10

This is the accessory pack I ordered on amazon to go with it

Amazon have great value refil films ones that have nice designs, I'm so excited to see my little girls face on Xmas morning.

Sorry for the long post, im only new to this, site so first time poster. 😊

CoffeeChocolateWine Wed 30-Sep-20 21:44:59

Thanks for the suggestions. The Intex one looks great and I love the accessory pack too. I think I’m sold!

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NaturalBlondeYeahRight Wed 30-Sep-20 21:48:41

My teens have had the instax for about 8 years, still going strong. It’s a sturdy little camera (film is expensive though)

Ber84 Wed 30-Sep-20 21:48:46

Here are the films I was talking about too, they are super cute!! I heard good reviews about the insta max.

Sairafina Wed 30-Sep-20 22:21:15

I have an Instax for myself and absolutely love it! There is such a wonderful nostalgia about waiting for the image to develop, and friends are v.envious!

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