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Can anyone recommend an advent calendar for a dog?

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thelegohooverer Tue 29-Sep-20 22:00:30

I know nothing about dogs but would like to send an advent calendar to my aunt this year, to let her know how much she is appreciated, even if we can’t see her much. She dotes on her little dog so I thought something for him might be nice too but I know nothing about dogs so don’t want to send something stupid, or bad for him. Any recommendations?

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Beaglemum93 Tue 29-Sep-20 22:26:19

I got the lily's kitchen one for my dog for the past couple of years. She likes the treats and are healthier than the dog "chocolate" ones.

DustyLoafer Tue 29-Sep-20 22:28:43

Another vote for Lily's Kitchen. I'll be getting it again this year.

Dandelionflower Tue 29-Sep-20 22:45:50

Lilly's Kitchen here too. It's much more expensive than the Good Boy chocolate drop ones that are around £1.50 but it's really worth it.

Davidsparkle Tue 29-Sep-20 22:49:16

Sorry to be a bore but I don’t really agree with advent calendars for dogs.
Surely they get confused when suddenly they don’t get a treat everyday any more when Christmas is over and you obv can’t explain to them!
Unless you use them in place of their usual regular training treats I suppose.
It is a good idea to get her something for her dog though if it means a lot to her

thelegohooverer Wed 30-Sep-20 06:03:11

Thanks for the recommendations.
@Davidsparkle that’s a valid point. Any suggestions for a dog gift? I can’t emphasise enough how clueless I am about dogs.

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joystir59 Wed 30-Sep-20 06:06:04

Most dogs I know get a treat every day. My Jack Russell Terrier would go on strike if he didn't get a treat after his evening meal. And no, he is not overweight. Send your aunt the advent calender. Its a lovely idea.

joystir59 Wed 30-Sep-20 06:08:10

This is himself

WokesFromHome Thu 01-Oct-20 08:25:56

I love spoiling my dog at Christmas. I'd much rather buy for my dig than most of my relatives.

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