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Are you spending more this year, less, or the same as usual?

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Bluewavescrashing Tue 29-Sep-20 20:07:00

I'm spending less on days out, meeting Santa etc. Presents--not sure yet. More on food probably as we'll be indoors so much!

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70isaLimitNotaTarget Tue 29-Sep-20 20:18:47

More on DS , it's his 21st in Dec and he's asked for an electric guitar . We always kept his birthday/Christmas seperate when he was younger , until his 18th when he got a nice TV for his room.
So guitar, amp, headphones .

Food about the same . I collect my Nectar Points for Christmas . I know what I don;t need to buy so maybe less this year ?

No theatre trips or Christmas Market (we were booked but it was cancelled fsad )

New bedding for DH and me .

GetRid Tue 29-Sep-20 20:27:36

The same overall, but on different things.

No commuting costs, lunches out or weekly cleaner anymore.

But more on food and home items etc

skankingpiglet Tue 29-Sep-20 20:33:46

Probably a bit less.
If larger family gatherings are still forbidden at Christmas, then it'll be less as we usually host 20 of us on Boxing day (although everyone contributes food so the cost isn't too horrific), but we would rather cancel than pick and choose which family come. Similarly we usually get together with a few other families for a meal out so I doubt that will be happening. If neither happen then our spend will be £150 lower I would estimate, but this may well be diverted to increased alcohol consumption to get through the dark months with no friends/family contact!
Presents will be the same amount, we have booked our usual panto tickets (🤞🏻), and it is normally just the 4 of us on Christmas day anyway. We don't do trips to see FC etc. I'm self-employed so no Xmas work party in a normal year, and DH's is paid for by his company (inc hotel etc) so savings from that not going ahead would be negligible.

PegasusReturns Tue 29-Sep-20 20:45:23

Less overall:

Usually DH, DC and I go away for the weekend in December for Christmas markets, also Christmas afternoon tea; panto and a series of lunches/dinners in the week before.

I also usually host a drinks party around the 22nd which is catered but that won’t happen either.

I’ll spend more on decorating the house than I usually would and we’ll have more food in to offset the lack of dining out but overall the cost will be less.

SistemaAddict Tue 29-Sep-20 20:47:17

The same on gifts but more on decorations. I've just spent a small fortune on craft items as I've got a few projects in mind for the autumn ready for December.

Ohdoleavemealone Tue 29-Sep-20 21:24:33

No I don't think I am buying more presents because that is pointless. I hate them having more than they can really enjoy.
Will make more effort to do things like crafts, lights, decorations etc.

I8toys Tue 29-Sep-20 21:38:36

We usually have gigs, plays, days out and usually go on holiday on boxing day. Can't see it happening this year. Venice last year, Marrakech this year - they are not letting anyone in. May go to Naples if we can instead.

unexpectedthird Tue 29-Sep-20 21:40:10

We'll spend the same on presents but less on events so less overall.

thelegohooverer Tue 29-Sep-20 21:54:57

Less over all - less entertaining and no where to go. I’m mindful that some people on my list may want to opt out of present exchanges as their circumstances have changed. I’m planning to donate more to local charities, and thinking of sending some secret Santa gifts to a few people I know who could use a lift after a hard year.

Aroundtheworldin80moves Tue 29-Sep-20 22:06:14

We've just boomed our Santa. It's more this year (Steam train, but it's private compartments not the usual carriages. Usually £15ish per person,. This year £90 for the compartment for 4 people)

Presents... Both DDs need a hobby item that's about pricy (compared to normal). So more, but not Covid related. Otherwise pretty normal.

liveeverysecond Tue 29-Sep-20 22:11:58

@Aroundtheworldin80moves Can I ask where you booked the steam train please? I've been looking at one near us but I don't think it's running this year. Thank you.

Aroundtheworldin80moves Tue 29-Sep-20 22:14:29

@liveeverysecond Keighley and Worth Valley Railway in Yorkshire.

liveeverysecond Tue 29-Sep-20 22:16:44

@Aroundtheworldin80moves Thank you, bit far for me! I'll keep hunting! Thank you

HEYAhhhhhhhhh Tue 29-Sep-20 23:13:39

Spending more this year as we might be hosting for PIL (6 altogether). We'll still book Father Christmas when tickets get released and we've already got tickets for Kew Gardens for Christmas Eve.

Presents will be the same budget as every year £600 that's 20 people and my two girls and hubby, plus my two girls birthdays are in Jan & Feb. I save £50 a month throughout the year to make that happen.

MrsPworkingmummy Wed 30-Sep-20 06:40:02

We usually spend a lot on family days out and nights away in December so that will definitely be a saving this year. Our DD has asked for a laptop. This is the first year she doesn't really want toys so the cost of presents will be more. I'll also go overboard with food and decorations.

PivotPivott Wed 30-Sep-20 06:41:55

Same on presents etc but probably more on food.
As it stands we're having Christmas at home at the moment

grool Wed 30-Sep-20 06:45:33

Less this year I think, not really due to Corona but more because we want OTT for DDs lockdown birthday and there isn't a lot she needs.
I will miss the Christmas markets and visits to see Santa, i'm planning to overcompensate with lots of christmas film days at home with hot chocolates.

Twilightstarbright Wed 30-Sep-20 06:54:05

@liveeverysecond not sure where you are but I think Epping Ongar railway are doing their father Christmas train trip. Or Audley End?

Itisbetter Wed 30-Sep-20 06:55:55

More on food, less on everything else.

Bickles Wed 30-Sep-20 07:00:02

More, DS wants various Lego sets that are expensive. Happy to get them though as they will keep him busy over a long boring winter.

JinglesWish Wed 30-Sep-20 08:28:27

The same on presents, but much less on activities. There won’t be any panto outing, no parties to attend (and no dresses to buy, hair to have done etc). Usually we’d have afternoon tea after visiting a couple of NT houses and go out to lots of cafes for hot chocolate etc on weekends. I’ve nearly finished my Christmas shopping online, whereas last year I’d have teas and lunches out during shopping trips. I’ve just cancelled our Lapland UK booking and had a refund for nearly £600, which offsets a lot of presents.

everythingisginandroses Wed 30-Sep-20 08:37:54

More on presents, but usual pre-Christmas weekends away to visit family and meals out won't be happening, so I think it'll balance out overall.

Yesterday, I put real Baileys and Warninks Advocaat in my shopping basket - in previous years I've bought the knock-off Aldi versions which are perfecttly fine, but after an unpleasant illness earlier this year (yes, that illness) the full-price booze can come to me!

JustAddCoffee91 Wed 30-Sep-20 08:40:31

More... my boys have Christmas birthdays youngest is 1 on Christmas Day and the other is 2 on the 23rd December, although they are still really young so I don't think I'll have to go crazy

lovemelongtime Wed 30-Sep-20 08:41:08

It's September shock

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