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Advent fillers for teens

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jocktamsonsbairn Sun 27-Sep-20 18:38:20

I won a body shop advent calendar last year which is lovely but would like to use it this year to put in wee treats for my teens - boy and girl. Any ideas? Have thought of chocolate, sweets, mini bottles of booze etc - anything more exciting? I have a feeling it might be a bit of a different Christmas this year so easy ways to make it better are welcome!

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LethargicLumpOfLockdownLard Sun 27-Sep-20 18:40:18

How small do they have to be?
I usually put things like
Touchscreen gloves
Can of pop
Mini pringles
Headphones (cheap in ear ones)
Nail varnish, lip balm

Londonborncatty Sun 27-Sep-20 19:19:14

A scratch card (you never know)
Mini candle
Cactus in a fun pot
Key ring
Bath bomb
Rubics cube
Portable drinking straw (collapsible)
Comedy print face mask
Hair bands/ scrunchie

jocktamsonsbairn Sun 27-Sep-20 20:44:22

Brilliant thank you. Also thought of caramel coffee flavouring and Costa gift cards. Hard as they are such similar things to stocking fillers!

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BangingOn Sun 27-Sep-20 21:28:41

USB charger cables for whatever phone they have (extra long, light up, funky colours etc)
Random foreign sweets or chocolate (DSS had a thing for Japanese sweets as a teen)
Miracle Berry tablets (turn sour foods sweet)
Novelty Post It notes, origami etc
Touch screen gloves
Mobile phone rescue bags (in case you drop them in water)

jocktamsonsbairn Sun 27-Sep-20 21:38:08

Oh god the mobile phone rescue bag sounds absolutely essential fir my dd!! Thank you - some fab suggestions!

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Lockdownhairdontcare Mon 28-Sep-20 21:41:50

9/10ml perfume or aftershave
Lip balm
Nail polish
Pin badges (denim jackets)
Tree decoration
Film night ‘voucher’ for a download

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