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What do we think will be the most wanted toys

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louise4745 Sun 27-Sep-20 11:54:20

Mine are 8 / 10 so I'm unsure on the younger toys...

I think maybe
LOL Dolls
Polly Pocket

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Mrsfussypants1 Sun 27-Sep-20 13:46:24

I think consoles likr switches, ps5 or the new x boxs will be in demand. As will some of the lego sets. Im not sure if there will be a must have toy this year, but i expect with what's going on in the world activity/arty activity things to keep children entertained over the holidays will be popular as normal Christmas activities may be restricted.

lughnasadh Sun 27-Sep-20 14:23:11


Nintendo Switch & games.

Wooden kitchen/shop type things.

Cherryrainbow Sun 27-Sep-20 14:26:38

Consoles and the latest game releases

I dont have a girl (yet!) But from what most people have said it tends to be L.O.L and the like, dolls with accessories x

ShaunaTheSheep Sun 27-Sep-20 17:10:00

Any particular Lego you think will be popular?

Mrsfussypants1 Sun 27-Sep-20 17:32:08

Super mario Lego & Harry Potter sets.

ShaunaTheSheep Sun 27-Sep-20 17:33:39

I have my eye on the Lego Elf Clubhouse!

lughnasadh Sun 27-Sep-20 17:33:39

Yes, definitely HP, and Mario sets.

mam0918 Sun 27-Sep-20 20:34:15

I think things tend to be 'girl' based, my boys have never really asked for or wanted anything but my friend who have daughters get lists of things like LOL dolls, Shopkins, Poopsies, Fingerlings etc... and its different, random, expensive for what it is and often sold out every year

PinkJam Sun 27-Sep-20 20:48:48

Mario Lego
LOL dolls
Games consoles

Lovemusic33 Sun 27-Sep-20 21:21:39

The new HP Lego sets?
My dd wants the Lego technics Land Rover defender (not sure she will get it as it’s £130).
Mine are a bit old for toys really other than Lego so no idea what will be the must haves other than the new PS5.

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