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Stocking fillers

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anorangeaday Wed 23-Sep-20 21:12:47

I’m currently sorting out Christmas presents for this year, DD will be 3 and DS will be 1. I haven’t a clue where to start with stocking fillers. What do you usually do?

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ShellsandSand Wed 23-Sep-20 21:18:13

Lots of wooden play things as my kids preferred the open ended stuff. Blocks, jigsaws, wooden figurines ect. Also chunky crayons and books.

anorangeaday Wed 23-Sep-20 23:24:17

Thank you, I know a lot of people don’t include toys in stockings so not sure if I should

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OdeToAutumn Thu 24-Sep-20 00:25:09

Pjs, bath bombs, books, stickers and activity sets, colouring pens and pencils, usually some chocolate and fruit

Thesearmsofmine Thu 24-Sep-20 00:31:51

At that age, bubbles, some chocolate coins, an orange, some bubble bath, a couple of wooden toys, bath toys.

CloudyVanilla Thu 24-Sep-20 06:35:38

I'm going all out with stockings but I'd say the general idea is that they are filled with a mix of consumable items, useful things and small gifts and toys smile adapt that to what your DC want and need and it should be great!

InvincibleInvisibility Thu 24-Sep-20 06:38:23

At that age I gave one of mine a small collection of plastic boats for the bath which he LOVED (previously all bath toys had been his brother's).

Small soft balls
Those plastic link snakes were a huge hit too

Aroundtheworldin80moves Thu 24-Sep-20 06:46:24

We've always had
- chocolate coins, Santa, reindeer etc (1 of not all!)
- other edible
- toiletries, like tooth brush and bubble bath
- book
- small toy
- socks or pants etc.

And other stuff around that. Often themed to what they like (last year 1 was dinosaur and 1 Harry Potter).

OnlyToWin Thu 24-Sep-20 06:47:31

For 3 year old: Bottle of character bubble bath, hair bobbles/clips, choc coins, choc Santa, bath crayons, stickers, pack of socks, packet of character pants and satsuma at the bottom.

Gulpingcoffee Thu 24-Sep-20 06:50:25

All of the above and some small joke toys. My young children have loved an ice cream cone and when you flick a switch on it’s siZe the sponge ice cream bit flies off (this would be more for your 3 yr old!)

Bikingbear Thu 24-Sep-20 07:12:00

Stockings in this house are a mix of useful and fun.

A book or magazine;
Small toys Thomas Train, hotwheel cars, plasticine, bubbles, soft toy, small duplo / lego set.
Consumables, chocolate coins, sweets, Mr Matey bubbles, cartoon toothbrush;
Useful stuff, pants for 3yo, bibs for 1yo, dummies for 1yo, socks, vests, hats, gloves.
If you have girls maybe hair accessories.

Some of the useful stuff helps to actually fill the stockings. It's stuff I'd be buying anyway but fancier than I'd normally buy. Instead of plain pants they'll get the nicer themed ones.

OnlyToWin Thu 24-Sep-20 07:41:57

Oh and a tradition in our house is always to have a small teddy/doll poking out of the top of the stocking - usually one to add to the JellyCat collection!

livingthegoodlife Thu 24-Sep-20 09:26:05

Magic flannel
Chocolate coins
Play doh tub
Beanie baby

OdeToAutumn Thu 24-Sep-20 13:40:19

Just remembered my kids loved the water flutes you can get for the bath and they both use stacking cups in the bath every day still.

I love a stocking ! In fact my 8 year old said stockings are his favourite part of Christmas as it is so exciting to get all the different little things

anorangeaday Thu 24-Sep-20 17:21:06

Thanks all! Just made a list

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Pepperwand Thu 24-Sep-20 20:33:02

My DC are the exact same age as yours. I like the idea of some matey bubble bath, that will pad the stocking out nicely grin. Living nature do some really nice mini soft toys that are very sweet and would be good for both ages. We always include a new toothbrush and some "sweets" (those natural fruit juice ones from the baby aisle). Usually a schleich animal too to add to the collection.

Wherearefoxssocks Thu 24-Sep-20 20:47:02

My DS is one. I'm doing:
Milky buttons
A toy car
360 cup
Jumbo crayons
Maybe a little cuddly toy to stick out the top

His stocking is tiny. If it was bigger I'd probably go with bath toys

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