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Car valeting/cleaning kit

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PinkDaydreams Mon 07-Sep-20 12:51:09

Hello all!
Right then, DH is super fussy and difficult to buy for. He works a lot, he likes drones and rc things, but I let him buy the stuff for it as I wouldn’t have a clue what to pick! Chooses his own clothes, likes alcohol and chocolate. I’m fed up of being so predictable with my gifts to him though, normally aftershave, chocolate, naice pants, pyjamas, branded slippers and smellies and a couple other little bits.
Anyway, would a car cleaning kit be a rubbish present? He’s really into his car, takes it to the car wash every week, but since we’ve been in lockdown he’s been cleaning the car himself and likes that he does a more detailed and better job. Would I be being a crap wife to get a valeting kit of some sort as a present?
Be honest!!

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Packlunchhell Mon 07-Sep-20 13:33:39

I got my son a jet washer and attachments from Halfords and a cleaning kit box. It was the only thing he asked for his 18th birthday. He’s used it lots and it’s powerful enough to clean my slabs.

PinkDaydreams Mon 07-Sep-20 14:22:33

Oh my goodness I hadn’t thought of a jet washer!! Such a good idea! Can I ask, does it just attach to the outside tap?

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PinkDaydreams Mon 07-Sep-20 14:23:11

Also what cleaning box did you get as I’m not sure which one. I’ve heard of autoglym and clean devil (something devil anyway) but have no idea if they’re any good

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Bananaman123 Thu 10-Sep-20 15:29:36

Years ago i got my dad and partner an autoglym case filled with stuff from halfords, only 35 but i think it dpubled in price,,good stuff though. Ended up getting brother,one too

PinkJam Thu 10-Sep-20 16:47:54

Would second autoglym. Always impressed with their products.

TheIckabog Sat 12-Sep-20 10:01:36

Have a look at Polished Bliss website for cleaning stuff. My husband has a classic sports car which he adores/spends hours cleaning. He says don’t get Autoglym, it’s very basic. Polished Bliss have several goods ranges if you wanted to get something a bit fancier. Also it’s worth investing in good sponges/polishing cloths/wheel brushes so you could add them to a cleaning ‘hamper’ as well

PinkDaydreams Sat 12-Sep-20 10:35:18

@TheIckabog thank you for that website smile I’ve been having a good nosey at feedback and reviews and I think I’m going to go for dodo juice products. Yes I’m going to do a hamper! I just need to decide on cloths etc now. I’m thinking a lambs wool cleaning mitt as they get good ratings.

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