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Christmas books and films

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MsSquiz Wed 02-Sep-20 15:38:32

Just thinking ahead (DD will be 1 in December) but whatever are everyone's favourite festive books and films - for kids, adults or the whole family?
Just looking to build our collection and find any hidden gems

We have:

The night before Christmas
Little Miss Christmas

Flint Street Nativity
Santa Claus the movie
Christmas with the Kranks

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MrsSchrute Wed 02-Sep-20 15:44:16

We love The Polar Express and Arthur Christmas.
Last year my 3 year olds fave book was Father Christmas needs a wee. She's not very high brow!
O, and Muppets Christmas Carol. Obviously!

MrsSchrute Wed 02-Sep-20 15:44:57

And Nativity! How did I forget that!

Ricekrispie22 Wed 02-Sep-20 16:22:06

The Snowman definitely should be on your film list.

The Jolly Christmas Postman
Elmer’s Christmas
The Empty Stocking
Red and Lulu
Mog’s Christmas

TrickyD Wed 02-Sep-20 17:49:26

Christmas Vacation! Chevy Chase and some Insanely funny scenes.
Older kids and adults,

Iminaglasscaseofemotion Wed 02-Sep-20 17:52:19

The Grinch
Home alone is a favourite in here, although not really christmassy as such.
The nightmare before Christmas film.

Stompythedinosaur Wed 02-Sep-20 17:55:37

The book Santa's Beard was a favourite here. Also Morris' Disappearing Bag and The Other Goose (and Stickman, although we read that all year).

The older cartoon version of The Grinch Who Stole Christmas is great and I love The Snowman and I gorce the dc to watch it with me on Christmas eve.

Stompythedinosaur Wed 02-Sep-20 17:58:41

My dc are getting older now and I'm torn between reading The Box of Delights, The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe or The Dark Is Rising to them in December.

Mommabear20 Wed 02-Sep-20 18:04:39

Books: the night before Christmas (on Christmas Eve just before bed!)
A bad start for Father Christmas,
The snowman.

Films: the nightmare before Christmas,
Muppets Christmas carol,
Beauty and the beast an enchanted Christmas,
Miracle on 34th Street,
Santa paws,
All 3 Santa clause movies,
How the grinch stole Christmas,
A Christmas wish.

tbfitwasntme Wed 02-Sep-20 18:08:44

Polar express
Muppets Christmas carol
The Grinch
Arthur christmas
Home alone
Mickey's christmas carol
The Christmas chronicles
Jack frost
Mrs miracle

The christmasaurus
The jolly christmas postman
The dinosaur that pooped christmas
Stick man
How the grinch stole christmas
Letters from father christmas
A boy called christmas

justwinginglife1 Wed 02-Sep-20 18:14:23

I think we own every Christmas dvd going (myself and DC love Christmas) 🤣

When my son was a toddler he absolutely loved the snowman. It's never been one I've enjoyed but he would be glued to the screen watching it.

DC are 7 and 10 but our favourite films are:
Home alone 1 & 2
The grinch (the recent version is just as good)
Santa Claus
A Christmas carol (muppets is my personal fave)
The Santa clause
The Christmas chronicles

I get them a Christmas book every year in their Christmas Eve boxes but I can't actually remember any of them other than the night before Christmas

everythingisginandroses Wed 02-Sep-20 19:07:46

Miracle on 34th Street - the 1947 original.
A Child's Christmas in Wales by Dylan Thomas
Nigel Slater's Christmas Chronicles is a beautiful book where you can read the daily entries and admire the gorgeous images from Halloween all the way to New Year. I've never made any of the recipes but it doesn't matter, it's just a gorgeous Christmassy book. I found a copy in WH Smith for less than a tenner last year.
I'm also a fan of Delia's Happy Christmas
YY to Mog's Christmas
The Faber Book of Christmas is lovely too.

Barms155 Wed 02-Sep-20 20:42:44

Winston delievers christmas is a good book.ita a chapter a day throughout December plus a craft idea.

Shufflebumnessie Wed 02-Sep-20 21:17:27

I love the book 'Bear wakes up for Christmas' (there is a non Christmas one called 'Bear snores on' which is lovely too).

penguin81 Wed 02-Sep-20 21:18:38

Home alone 1 & 2
Miracle on 34th Street

FilthyforFirth Wed 02-Sep-20 22:03:02

Klaus on Netflix is a contender for my favourite Christmas film! First time I watched it, I just felt like it was an instant classic. Defo add that to your list!

TheOnlyLivingBoyInNewCross Wed 02-Sep-20 22:09:16

Die Hard


MsSquiz Wed 02-Sep-20 22:31:20

@MrsSchrute I can't believe I forgot Muppet's Christmas Carol - it's my most favourite!

@TheOnlyLivingBoyInNewCross DH introduces DD to Die Hard when she was 2 days old, but shielded her eyes from "the bad bits" hmmgrin

Lots of fab suggestions here. I plan on doing a December box and buying DD a book each year to add to the collection so I'll have to make a list and keep it safe!
I can't wait for her to love Christmas as much as I do, although I do plan to make her birthday (18th December) the 1 not festive day of the month and the C word will be banned

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sueelleker Thu 03-Sep-20 18:21:55

@everythingisginandroses I love Elizabeth David's books, and have "Elizabeth David's Christmas". I've never cooked anything from it, but love reading it.

AGoatAteIt Thu 03-Sep-20 19:44:13

We all sing along with how the grinch stole Christmas (original version from the 60s) it’s nice and short same as The Snowman. And if walking in the air doesn’t make you feel Christmassy then frankly nothing will. The snowman and the snow dog is also lovely.

Books wise:
How the grinch stole Christmas
Christmas on Exeter street
The jolly Christmas postman
Father Christmas needs a wee
Anything Christmassy by Shirley Hughes- the illustrations are beautiful in her books.

everythingisginandroses Thu 03-Sep-20 22:43:31

@sueelleker - ooh, thanks for that. I have had a peek online - do you have the edition with the red cover, or the one with the green cover and green endpapers? Are the illustrations good? I'm pondering 'a glass of champagne and salmon with good bread' at Christmas, sounds like heaven right now!

micc Fri 04-Sep-20 06:30:55

The best Christmas films for adults are, Love Actually, the Holiday and Scrooged! My DD loved the Polar Express. A good Christmas book for little ones your age is happy Christmas spot smile

Aroundtheworldin80moves Fri 04-Sep-20 06:35:10

Not exactly 'Christmas'... But the Julia Donaldson adaptions that are made by the BbC as Christmas specials. Gruffalo, Stickman etc.

Snowman, & Snowman and Snowdog.

Paddingto bear Christmas books

rottiemum88 Fri 04-Sep-20 06:51:01

There's a new release on 1st October of 'Dear Santa' by Rod Campbell who also wrote Dear Zoo. Might be age appropriate for your DD this year as it's a board/lift the flap book. Available for pre order online smile

sueelleker Fri 04-Sep-20 07:12:38

@everythingisginandroses I've got the hardback, with a red cover. It's got some good photos in it.

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