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Beauty advent calendars out

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covidmonkey Tue 25-Aug-20 10:52:40

Bodyshop's Xmas calendars are out:

I always think getting one but eventually choose M&S.

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igot20joe Tue 25-Aug-20 10:53:34

I think a lot on here have quite rightly boycotted the Body Shop as they are against women’s rights.

Looking forward to some others being released though!

covidmonkey Tue 25-Aug-20 11:55:23

Lush one is out:

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misscockerspaniel Tue 25-Aug-20 11:55:33

The Holland and Barrett advent calendar is on sale from 14 September (£40). Last year's calendar had v good reviews on MN.

Agree with pp re Body Shop.

Cherryrainbow Tue 25-Aug-20 11:56:19

I've so far only seen about the body shop ones and the lush calender. I suspect those with the boots app will get an email when the no 7 calender goes up for pre order x

mbosnz Tue 25-Aug-20 15:30:33

I've just pre-ordered DH's from Virgin Wines, and have made it known to him that this year L'occitane is my prime favourite - out in September!

Passmethechocolatecake Tue 25-Aug-20 16:01:29

I’ve set a reminder for the cult beauty calendar. I really regretted not getting it last year.

Anybody know of any dinosaur themed calendars suitable for a nearly five year old..?

XiCi Tue 25-Aug-20 16:14:13

Yes, wouldnt touch anything from the Body Shop now. Interested to see the others though. They make fantastic gifts. I love the Nuxe one.

Mustbethewine Tue 25-Aug-20 17:26:47

My body shop rep just secured my advent calender 😃 I just need to get on for DP now and we'll all have one

DobbyTheHouseElk Tue 25-Aug-20 17:27:53

I usually get M&S.

SilverOtter Tue 25-Aug-20 17:32:06

Thanks to this thread I've just pre-ordered the Virgin Wine red wine one for my husband!smile

mbosnz Tue 25-Aug-20 17:44:52

Wahay, way to go SilverOtter! (And this year they get a free fullsized bottle of red wine worth £19.99). Ver' nice!

(I don't work for Virgin, honest).

I wish we'd win the lottery. I'd get the Jo Malone one. . .

doadeer Tue 25-Aug-20 17:49:37

I got the Space NK one last year. Expensive but you got so much in it and an extra huge gift box which I gifted to lots of others.

TBHno Tue 25-Aug-20 17:50:40

You couldn't pay me to use a Body Shop or Lush calendar. They are both horrible misogynists.

covidmonkey Tue 25-Aug-20 18:25:39

I had Birchbox and M&S last year. I used much of the M&S stuff. I think I will get M&S again this year and maybe other one from sales.

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Bananaman123 Tue 25-Aug-20 19:42:52

Good roundup on here, loved rituals, lumene, loccitane in previous years

2anddone Tue 25-Aug-20 22:15:04


I’ve set a reminder for the cult beauty calendar. I really regretted not getting it last year.

Anybody know of any dinosaur themed calendars suitable for a nearly five year old..?

Schleich have a dinosaur advent calendar on amazon for £24.99

Passmethechocolatecake Thu 27-Aug-20 08:27:51

2anddone thank you! I’ve ordered it to break down and put in his reusable advent.
The dinosaurs you get seem good value for money but I can see him getting excited the days he gets half a plastic egg shell 😁 I’m sure the people who make some of these don’t actually have children!

covidmonkey Fri 28-Aug-20 18:04:36

I got body shop calendar for this Xmas. I have so many unused make up and creams from last year left. This year I can give dd the ones I won't use.

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70isaLimitNotaTarget Sat 29-Aug-20 13:13:19

I don't buy them (I make one for DD , started a few years back and she loves it , and as I'm really into Traditions , this will be Yr 4 fgrin )

The H&B one contents look good , I'll buy that one an siphon out any products she wouldn't use .

I have wooden advent number tags and ribbon (re-useable) and bought a gorgeous gift box (TKMaxx) that she uses for storage .

I need to start the Annual Search soon for products .
DD likes mainly skincare and random things (Primark are good for these) .

Years ago I bought the Aldi one all skincare , small tubes and glass phials . Handy to travel with , just a couple in a washbag .

70isaLimitNotaTarget Sat 29-Aug-20 13:19:40

I might see if Costco are doing their Beer Advent this year
No-one drinks gin here , but DH likes a beer .

IHeartSusanDey Sat 29-Aug-20 13:25:38

Yes, like others I would never bring myself to touch Lush or Body Shop now...if they hate and disrespect women so much, they can whistle for my money. Disgusting misogynists.

OP there is a thread in Style and Beauty on advent calendars you might like!!

Immigrantsong Sat 29-Aug-20 13:28:32

Boycotting Body Shop and Lush for their stance towards women.

NearToCompletion Sun 20-Sep-20 13:53:46

I actually really liked the Amazon one even though was bit skeptical. Concerned may be all very similar again this year though. Thinking of trying LookFantastic or Glossybox instead if not sold out. Of course, I'd really love Liberty or Fortnum & Masons but sadly way out of my price range 😭

SpnBaby1967 Sun 20-Sep-20 14:42:30

I like the look of the Walkers Shortbread one and the naked marshmallow one.

I've never invested in a calendar like these though, kids have always had chocolate ones. Seems a lot of money, but 2020 has been shit so tempted to treat ourselves.

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