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Ideas for boys

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Snuzzle Sat 22-Aug-20 19:21:05

Looking for suggestions for 3 boys ages 14, 11 and 7 please. Budget of around £30-40 each.
Only see them a few times a year and don’t really know much about their interests.
Mum is no help and says she doesn’t know what they want and that they spend most of their time playing on iPads. They’ve got tons of Lego and playmobil that has been untouched for months and none of them are especially sporty.
Feel like I’m really struggling this year and need some inspiration please.

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Tiggles Sat 22-Aug-20 20:25:53

My 11 year old loves his stilts he got for Christmas last year. Think they were about £20 on amazon.

Tiggles Sat 22-Aug-20 20:29:19

Oh and both my 13 and 11 year old love the exploding kittens game. Planning on getting them some more from the same people this year.
The 11yr old loves Harry Potter scrabble too but he is HP mad and also loves reading and writing so that might just be him.

Nibor1991 Sat 22-Aug-20 20:33:03

Board games... Dobble, The Mind, Cortex, Ticket to Ride, Pandemic, Camel Up, Throw Throw Burritto. Some of the smaller ones are fairly cheap.

ArthurChristmas2 Sat 22-Aug-20 20:38:10

After a suggestion on here, I bought some electric shocker games from Amazon. Have been a total hit for birthdays so far for ages between 11 and 20!

AHippoNamedBooBooButt Sat 22-Aug-20 20:38:25

Cash. Or if they have ipads then iTunes gift cards, Google play gift cards if they have android tablets.

Cherryrainbow Sat 22-Aug-20 21:47:16

My son is coming upto 7. Hes very much into his gaming atm on consoles as well as ipad so most of the stuff hes getting is game based-
Minecraft books
Funko pops
Accessories for his consoles
Playstation clothing

He is getting into some board games monopoly themed or challenging ones. I was thinking of either flipslide or cut the wire from smyths x

Ricekrispie22 Sun 23-Aug-20 06:27:26

Guinness World Record Book
Metal detector
Magic set
Portable power bank
T-shirt from Illuminated Apparel
Chemistry set
Where’s Wally book box set

Snuzzle Sun 23-Aug-20 07:30:36

Thanks everyone, some great suggestions and I know they’re great because they already have most of them.
There’s no games consoles in the house so can’t buy anything gaming related really.
The youngest has adhd and would struggle with most of the games mentioned. I don’t want to buy something for his brothers and leave him out so would rather get individual gifts.
Mum doesn’t want them to have cash as they get some every year from elderly relatives.
You can see why I’m struggling and need some help.

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Isadora2007 Sun 23-Aug-20 08:10:31

Mums a cheeky bugger then- asking for non money but then making zero helpful suggestions(!)
Your budget is quite high I’d say- so what about a family pass for something? Is there a local attraction all the boys might enjoy like a science museum or a ten pass for the local bowling alley or similar? Could then also wrap up a wee themed gift
Eg cinema pass for £75 then wrap some popcorn packets and those £1 popcorn 🍿 tubs for them.
Bowling pass then wrap up some skittles sweets and new socks (so they have clean ones when changing shoes!)
Museum pass and wrap up some small brain training puzzles.
Swimming pool or leisure centre pass and wrap water bottles and sports socks.
Get a Netflix or disney plus subscription and wrap popcorn as above.

Hope this helps a little.

Snuzzle Sun 23-Aug-20 09:10:37

We bought cinema passes last year and they were a big hit but they live in a small town and there’s not much else that’s easily accessible
I was looking at young driver experiences for the older 2 but again don’t want the youngest to feel left out
Mum has always been unhelpful but in previous years we’ve spent enough time with them to get ideas. This year we’ve hardly seen them due to Covid and obviously they’re getting older and harder to buy for.

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ArthurChristmas2 Sun 23-Aug-20 09:16:38

They do do driving experiences for younger children too from age 7? Only issue being is that I e just had to extend two we had for gifts due to COVID. No idea when we’ll be able to use them. Wind tunnel might be the other option, they could do that together? Definitely covers that age range.

Ricekrispie22 Sun 23-Aug-20 09:55:28

Hype backpack
Waffle maker
Popcorn machine
Dart board
Radio control car
Gravitrax starter set

Snuzzle Sun 23-Aug-20 10:00:58

All the young driver experiences in our area are for age 10+ and the nearest wind tunnel is a 3 hour drive.
Think I’ll get them all an iTunes gift card and then some small gifts to open but no idea what they’ll be yet hmm

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Isadora2007 Sun 23-Aug-20 10:11:11

iTunes is a good idea- but if they’ve also got iPads can’t you start to message them now and get in touch again and get to know their likes and dislikes again?

AlwaysOnAbloodyDiet Sun 23-Aug-20 10:23:47

The current obsession with my son & friends is Nerf guns.
I'd guess ages 6-10. Not sure about the 11 year old, that's a tricky age. Although I guess he's not going to not play with one all of a sudden, just because he's 11 😂

I wonder if you should ask the mother first though, as some parebts might not be ok with guns?

I'm sure the 14 year old would appreciate cash or a voucher

Anyway, it's very thoughtful of you OP, especially to do 3 individual gifts and put so much thought into them.
I've 3 (with similar ish ages) and certainly wouldn't expect it, and I think the children would be very grateful.

Chocolate4me Sun 23-Aug-20 10:38:28

Is there a jump place near them? You could do a ticket for somewhere like that and then top up with an I phones voucher

Snuzzle Sun 23-Aug-20 11:43:08

Actually there is a jump place nearby and I think that might be perfect smile

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Chocolate4me Sun 23-Aug-20 12:07:38

Glad to be of help... Now I'm going to use the suggestions to help with ideas for my 4 boys of Christmas, gets so tricky to know what to get as they get older and play less, but are into gadgets, gadgets, gadgets!!

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