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Ideas for girls 8 and 10 please

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louise5754 Wed 19-Aug-20 23:27:10

Thanks x

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FortunesFave Thu 20-Aug-20 03:15:13

What are their interests? I got my DD a metal detector when she was 9...big hit!

She and other kids spent hours with it.

Also, skateboard or roller boots.

Ricekrispie22 Thu 20-Aug-20 06:17:24

Horrible Histories board game
Lava lamp
Kumi Kreator
Popcorn machine
T shirt from Illuminated Apparel
My Fairy Garden set
Top from Selfie Clothing co
Jaqueline Wilson magazine subscription
Sphero mini
Overnight bag
Dressing gown
Nail varnish
Lip balm
Bath bombs
Chemistry set
David Walliams jigsaw puzzle
Just Dance for the Nintendo
Lego Dots
Fairy lights
Karaoke machine

Cherryrainbow Thu 20-Aug-20 09:17:01

Bath bombs
Nail varnish
Unicorn stuff
Lego dots
Lol dolls/ other collectable dolls
Arts and crafts sets
Jewellery making sets
Claire's accessories gifts
Chocolate and sweets
Board games
Scooter/ skateboard/ skates
Makeup or jewellery box
CD player
Instant camera or kids camera

StarShapedWindow Thu 20-Aug-20 09:36:45

Chemistry sets or microscopes
Slime making kits
Water colour sets with proper water colour paper
Tents decorated with fairy lights for their bedrooms or garden

Stompythedinosaur Thu 20-Aug-20 21:22:25

My dd age 9 likes:
Full size skateboard.
Rock tumbler
Polymer clay
Harry potter lego
Stickbot animation kit
Magic tricks

I think we're going to get her a second hand hjverboard with the cart attachment for christmas.

MrsPworkingmummy Thu 20-Aug-20 22:35:32

My DD (8) has asked for 'suprises' so far. She'll be getting something along the lines of:
1) a mountain bike
2) a PS4 with Just Dance
3) a Nintendo Switch
4) a laptop
as a main present

As well as:
1) Harry Potter sorting hat
2) Harry Potter Lego
3) Roller Skates from The Skate Hut
4) Lush bathbombs
5) Make-up
6) Smiggles stocking fillers
7) A chocolate Santa
8) Traditional jar of sweets

louise5754 Thu 20-Aug-20 22:44:02

Thanks all.

Dd10 isn't interested in any toys or crafts. It was her birthday last week and she's not looked at anything I got her.
Dd8 hates pink and unicorns but has so many lols and barbies that she doesn't bother with. She's asked for a reborn but if I got her that she wouldn't get any more presents

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Mutabilis Sun 30-Aug-20 17:51:08

What do they both love doing/watching? For DD10 would she like to choose something specific, or give you a list of ideas? I always get mine to do a list and stick to it, I've learnt in the past if I get random extra gifts they don't usually play with them unless they're closely related to what they asked for. Would it be a problem for DD8 to just get the one special present, if that's what she wants and knows not to expect more? My DD is also 8 and usually just focuses on one present so I fill in with things she needs like clothes that I was going to buy anyway (she loves getting new clothes, so it's not a hardship for her).

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