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Weirdest present request?

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lucysmam Sat 15-Aug-20 19:42:11

I reckon this one's a bit weird...

We walked into town today & were talking about Christmas and presents. Dd1 has asked for a keyboard.

And an extension lead grin

It does make sense so she can plug the keyboard in without interfering with other things. But, it's not exactly wrap-up-able!

Any other odd requests out there?

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Courtney555 Sat 15-Aug-20 20:52:16

DS when he was 3. "A tea cup and a worm"

ipswichwitch Sat 15-Aug-20 20:55:34

For his 6th birthday DS2 asked for a mason jar, his auntie obliged and it’s one of his favourite things. He has asd and storage items are one of his obsessions.

NerosFiddle Sat 15-Aug-20 20:58:58

My dc asked for a cup of tea and a biscuit last year grin

purpleme12 Sat 15-Aug-20 20:59:01

My child has asked for baby orange a few times (not so strange I guess more traditional)
And yoghurt a few times. She's always loved yoghurt since she was a baby and the first Christmas list she ever made when she was a toddler she asked for yoghurt and I think a few times since then. Makes me smile 🙂

tiredandemosh1 Sat 15-Aug-20 21:15:32

When my son was little he asked for tomatoes?! He was really pleased with them. He's 18 now, I still wrap some up for him, it makes us laugh grin

lucysmam Sat 15-Aug-20 21:15:41

Ah, yours are all making me smile (and are much younger than my dd who will be nearly 14 at Christmas!). I like the request for a mason jar, I'd make use of one of those!

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Findahouse21 Sat 15-Aug-20 21:19:37

Dd aged 3 - a bicycle bell that is pink

bisvuit Sat 15-Aug-20 21:22:12

I remember I asked for a can of Coke when I was younger. I don't think we had fizzy stuff in the house apart from Christmas when we were growing up. My mum got me one and she wrapped it up 😁

YorkshireTeaIsTheBest Sat 15-Aug-20 21:25:19

DC1 has often asked for solo items and it is very sweet
One year crayons --a new pack
Another year -pipe cleaners for the craft box
Another year -a nice day for all the children in the world
Another year -a nice christmas cake (not the horrible fruit one) -with a candle on
Another year -some different coloured A4 paper.

Love them dearly. They only ask Santa for one thing.

Another child asked Santa -to clean out the guinea pigs over christmas so they didn't have to do it. Santa obliged and sent a little elf!

doodlejump1980 Sat 15-Aug-20 21:30:04

Last year my 4 year old asked for a wind-up clockwork flamingo and “hard water”. Still don’t know what he meant by hard water!!

Giggorata Sat 15-Aug-20 21:49:43

One of my DC asked for “that line in the sky”.
He wanted the vapour trail!

Lightbulbs Sat 15-Aug-20 22:00:46


Last year my 4 year old asked for a wind-up clockwork flamingo and “hard water”. Still don’t know what he meant by hard water!!

Hard water: ice?!

bookmum08 Sat 15-Aug-20 22:08:13

My husband has been the Father Christmas* a few times in the grotto at the local primary school.
He has been asked among the usual Lego and Scooter requests from various children for an electric toothbrush, a baby brother and box of crisps in a specific flavour** !!
*Obviously just helping out the REAL one who is very busy that time of year.
**Yes a whole box !

Muddledupme Sat 15-Aug-20 22:29:10

My daughter asked for a baby expressions doll with a baby born head when she was little.

mogtheexcellent Sat 15-Aug-20 22:34:01

A glue stick and a pet dog for her dolls house was last year. 2018 was blue tack and a picture frame for a special drawing she had drawn.

Dd never asks for big presents. Mind you she never sees toy adverts or goes to toy shopsgrin

scrivette Sat 15-Aug-20 22:40:54

DS asked for a hose on a reel aged 3, a life jacket age 4 and every Christmas and birthday and often when I go shopping, asks for an extension lead.

OublietteBravo Sat 15-Aug-20 22:42:53

I remember DS having toast at the top of his Christmas list. He must’ve been 3 or 4.

EventRider1 Sat 15-Aug-20 22:49:07

I requested gate posts for my field and my parents obliged 😂

nocutsnobuttsnococonuts Sat 15-Aug-20 23:05:17

Dd1 asked for bread one year. Mrs Claus baked them some chocolate tree bread. Now its featured on both girls list every year!!

Dd1 also really wanted to grow up and have a real bushy moustache. She cried when she found out only men can grow a big moustache.

Raella50 Sat 15-Aug-20 23:09:06

“Letters in the door for me” because she loved collecting the post and never received any addressed to her.

HollowTalk Sat 15-Aug-20 23:18:04

When my son was about 7 or 8 I gave him the money to go into a pound shop with his friend to buy something for party bags for my son's friends. It was his birthday the following day. He came out with 12 sink plungers. I have to say those were the best party bag presents we ever gave anyone - those kids used them for ages!

wrensandrobins Sat 15-Aug-20 23:27:02

My nan always asks me for tinned fruit!

BiblioX Sun 16-Aug-20 09:19:31

My son when aged 3 - blue and white swirly lollipop! I managed to force a supply and even bought a few in case one got broken in transit. He was very happy.

ramblingsonthego Sun 16-Aug-20 09:21:12

A medium sized plain orange ball. Sounds simple. Its really really not.

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