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Asking DC about birthday and Christmas presents

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Onlyonce Wed 12-Aug-20 00:36:45

Something I have been wondering about as dd1 gets older is to what extent I should be asking her for ideas for her birthday and Christmas presents. She is turning 7 just before Christmas and I have noticed during lockdown the toys she is interested in are changing a little bit. I am happy to choose books and craft things for her but she could easily tell me lots of things she would like. I want to get the balance right. Just wondering what others do with their dc?

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Thehogfatherstolemycurry Wed 12-Aug-20 00:40:19

Mine are 10 + 12. I ask them what they would like for both.
Christmas they usually give me a wish list (used to be letter to santa when they believed) of 4or 5 things and I choose what I think off it. Birthdays I've always straight out asked them what they want and get it and a few little surprises.

AlwaysLatte Wed 12-Aug-20 00:46:32

We always have running birthday and Christmas lists, it's so much easier! We find other things they like too of course but it's great to have a start.

Cherryrainbow Wed 12-Aug-20 01:42:56

My son, coming up to 7, is very vocal about what he wants grin but I find him very easy to buy for in the sense that he is very much into gaming and has consistently enjoyed certain games and characters
For a while. I tend to buy what I think he would like but if he was very adamant about a certain toy or something I'll try my best to accommodate it or suggest it when family ask what he wants x

skankingpiglet Wed 12-Aug-20 07:09:22

My DCs are 6 and 4. I ask them to name 1 thing they will definitely get (as long as it's appropriate and not out of budget, obviously). We have done this for the last 2 years and they have picked something like a particular Lego or Polly Pocket set. At this stage they aren't picking expensive toys, but as they get older I'll set them a budget. The decision for Xmas has to be in by the end of Sept, in case they choose something that will become impossible to get closer to December, but birthdays can be a month before. This is because the first time we did it, DD1 chose a toy from that year's top list and by the end of Oct everywhere had sold out.
I will then ask for an 'ideas list' from which we will buy a couple of bits, or similar items if I see something close thats a good bargain.
We will then also get a few items that we want to buy, and know will be enjoyed. These are often bits I've picked up throughout the year as different sales and clearances happen. So far for Xmas I have a LOL doll ball and Lego set for each, plus a few stocking fillers.

I feel this gives us a good mix of stuff they want, but also plenty of surprise too. Our DCs don't have much wider family so get little outside of what we give, but if other people do ask then I give them a couple of items from the 'ideas list' to choose from.

EasilyDelighted Wed 12-Aug-20 07:12:37

Mine are teenagers. I still ask them for "a list for Santa", but not till about October half term. If they mention something during the year I make a note and check nearer the time.

Stompythedinosaur Wed 12-Aug-20 19:12:05

I ask my dc for what they want, but am clear that any list is for ideas not a shopping list. They know they will get something from their list, but not everything.

When the dc were younger i didn't used to do lists for Santa, but when dd1 was in reception they wrote lists at school which I then had to interpret, which was not ideal (the discussion about what "pink toy" meant was high stress). Since then I have asked so i can clarify their requests.

BakewellGin1 Thu 13-Aug-20 21:26:04

I would love a list but last two years DS (11) has literally suggested one thing at a push... Last week when asked about upcoming birthday and Christmas said Mam I just like surprises, I have everything I want and don't need anything - lovely but difficult that's him

70isaLimitNotaTarget Thu 13-Aug-20 21:53:10

It doesn't get easier when they get older either BTW fgrin

My DD will give a list (she's 18) and I make her a Beauty Advent Calendar (which costs £ and forms part of her presents )

DS has a December Birthday and we've never done combined birthday/Christmas presents .....but this year is his 21st and he wants an electric guitar .(which will be ££)
Usually he wants money (which is fine by us , no point in guessing )

They both get underwear/PJs/toiletries which they'd need anyway .

When they were younger we got a Big Box Present in the Sainsbury 50% off toy sale in October then some smaller presents nearer the time .

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