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Anyone seriously considering putting the tree up?

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FilthyforFirth Thu 26-Mar-20 08:22:14

I have basically talked DH into allowing me to put our tree up for a bit of light relief.

However, I have a 2.9 y/o and wondering if it will be a bit too confusing for him? Or am I overthinking it?

I am stuck inside the house (like everyone else) early stages of pregnancy, hormonal and wanting something lovely and festive to take my mind of the never ending cycle of bad news.

Anyone else contemplating putting their tree up?!

BentNeckLady Thu 26-Mar-20 08:25:29

Why don’t you order some solar lights and put some lights in trees outside?

Outing your Christmas tree up in March is utterly crazy smile

WhatAboutMeeee Thu 26-Mar-20 08:25:57

A few people on my social media have done this. I think is a silly idea and will confuse the children.

BecauseReasons Thu 26-Mar-20 08:27:04

No, personally I think the fun of Christmas is that it only happens once a year. Technically you could put your tree up whenever you feel a little blue, but for me that would spoil it.

BecauseReasons Thu 26-Mar-20 08:28:33

Also, my mum raised me that it's bad luck. And I'm not risking it in the current crisis!

Bluntness100 Thu 26-Mar-20 08:31:47

No, absolutely not. As pp said, buy some fairy lights or something.

Chimchar Thu 26-Mar-20 08:34:10

Do an Easter tree instead! I went to buy food at Lidl yesterday and they had loads of lovely hanging pastel colour eggs and birds etc.
You could pick some up when you do your next essential food shop. daffodil

wanderings Thu 26-Mar-20 08:35:39

Get an Easter tree! They’re often derided on MN, but I think it’s very fitting for a time like this. tbusmile And don’t let the holier than thou MN bullies tell you it’s not an essential purchase. Order it online.

CheriLittlebottom Thu 26-Mar-20 08:38:59

Easter tree! Someone in our neighbourhood FB group put a pic of theirs up yesterday. Seems like a nice idea for the kids, I might do the same when we get a little closer to Easter. We always have a real tree at Xmas but there's a little fake one in the loft I can get out and we can decorate it with brightly coloured egg shapes and bunnies and all sorts. I just hope the kids won't like it too much I don't want to get stuck doing it every year!

userxx Thu 26-Mar-20 08:41:34

Just why? Seeing a Christmas tree up would be enough to make me want to smash my car into the nearest wall at speed.

Please don't 😱

MayFayner Thu 26-Mar-20 08:51:48

No. Christmas won’t be special if you do things like this.

FilthyforFirth Thu 26-Mar-20 08:54:09

I'm sensing this thread has picked up a lot of posters from active threads, rather than the Christmas board where I posted it!

FilthyforFirth Thu 26-Mar-20 08:55:15

Easter tree could be a good compromise instead, thanks all!

userxx Thu 26-Mar-20 08:58:17

OMG how the hell did I end up in here.

As you were 😏

BentNeckLady Thu 26-Mar-20 09:18:45

I'm sensing this thread has picked up a lot of posters from active threads, rather than the Christmas board where I posted it!

Probably, but no matter how much you love Christmas you must accept that Christmas is in December grin

Maybe watch some Christmassy films on Netflix to help you scratch the itch? I know that’s what my Christmas crazy MIL is doing .

POP7777777 Thu 26-Mar-20 09:21:08

We're putting the Easter display up on Sunday! Brighten the place up a bit! 😁

eandz13 Thu 26-Mar-20 09:21:51

This is a good idea! I'm stuck with 2 toddlers and running out of things to do (we've already been in total isolation for 11 days). Christmas tree = bad luck before December though but an Easter tree is not! Could do with bringing some festive warmth to the home since we're stuck here.

FilthyforFirth Thu 26-Mar-20 09:28:00

I haven't ever done an easter tree before so I think that is a good compromise and my DS will probably love it.

Haha I have been watching Christmas films for about a week now!

Maisieme Thu 26-Mar-20 09:30:47

I’ve got my Easter tree up. Artificial forsythia with painted eggs hanging from it. Looks lovely.

Wannabangbang Thu 26-Mar-20 09:38:09

I would not put a tree up, you will scare the kids that there will be no Christmas in December

70isaLimitNotaTarget Thu 26-Mar-20 09:44:47

Ooh I love an Easter Tree
(Used to do one for the DC but they're too old now and I have two cats who would wreck it )

Tall twiggy branches , strip the leaves , bind the base with string , paint white .
I put mine in a tub of putty , then into one of those felt Easter buckets .

Hang some pastel eggs decorations .

I added a few pussy willow twigs last time but they are £ and I'm not going out to buy them this year .

I wonder if I can get the cats to leave it alone ...........Christmas tree lasted less than 3 days though.....................

givemeacall Thu 26-Mar-20 12:14:34

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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