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Renovirgin2018 Sun 08-Dec-19 19:24:05

Thought I'd start a thread over here as to not overrun the bargain thread.

I have ordered two. One being diabetic, I will admit I did think it a bit strange that there were no individual diabetic items on the site. Saying that, I am crossing my fingers hoping it will arrive.

If anyone has any updates, refund actually back in back/orders received 🤞 please post here.

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Clevererthanyou Sun 08-Dec-19 19:40:16

I hoped against hope that it was genuine and only put a claim in to my bank today but I’m annoyed at all the speculation that has gone on for weeks killing my Christmas spirit tcrgrin

Renovirgin2018 Sun 08-Dec-19 20:00:06

I have now seen that people have recieved refunds. It is all very strange! I can't get my head around what they could possibly be gaining 🤔

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Justyou Sun 08-Dec-19 20:06:10

I got my refund within a couple of days of requesting it.
I still keep getting the emails though from them.

starrynight19 Sun 08-Dec-19 20:12:11

It’s the most bizarre thing ever. I bought some bargain hampers a few years ago. And mine eventually arrived Xmas eve. They had also been overwhelmed with orders and some people didn’t get them in time for Christmas. But at least some people got them. To say they started ‘dispatching’ at the beginning of the week how has no one received one.
If it was a scam why would they refund people confusedconfused

OhMyGodTheyKilledKenny Sun 08-Dec-19 20:14:46

I'm doing what Mistressiggi called "playing hamper chicken".
I'm hanging on in there for a bit longer before I email for my money back. .

I like to live life on the edge and get my kicks while I can these days grin

Joking aside, they're putting in a lot of time answering emails, commenting on fb, issuing refunds etc but why bother doing that if it's a scam?

I'm just intrigued.

Mistressiggi Sun 08-Dec-19 20:14:51

So, if people are receiving actual refunds then there is no need to do an actual charge back? I don't imagine I will ever receive my hamper but am giving it a few more days. It would have been worth their while buying a few of the bloody things and sending them out just so some customers have actually had one!

CheekyFucker Sun 08-Dec-19 20:18:06

Good thinking on the separate thread OP.

I have ordered a Vegan one. I did it largely out of curiosity as I am wondering what they would put in it. I ordered two regular ones as I am a sheep and love a bargain.

If they are scammers, then I think they should set up a legit business as their customer service is excellent 😆

wineoclockthanks Sun 08-Dec-19 20:23:51

Thanks for the new thread.

I'm a bit annoyed my bank told me to cancel my card and so I'm credit card-less until just before Christmas.

I didn't order until 1st Dec so I don't think I can ask for a refund yet and there's still a little bit of me that hopes it's just them being over ambitious rather than con merchants.

Mistressiggi Sun 08-Dec-19 20:23:55

Facebook is fascinating. It's divided between people convinced they are scammers and those equally convinced they are legit, and getting righteously angry on their part with absolutely no evidence! Don't hold out much hope for the person expecting a hamper to arrive with her Australian relatives!!

starrynight19 Sun 08-Dec-19 20:25:34

The Australian comment is the best yet grin

NotYourHolidayDick Sun 08-Dec-19 20:29:32


It's a serious business grin

I'm dying 😂

whereareyousleep Sun 08-Dec-19 20:30:12

I've given in and requested a refund today. It's too suspect that they haven't posted any pics of hampers and nobody has received any plus they are deleting comments from suppliers etc.

torthecatlady Sun 08-Dec-19 20:30:24

The Australian story about sending supplies over in advance because of Brexit was a bit hmmwasn't it? grin

Tiredmummyof3 Sun 08-Dec-19 20:30:26

Im so intrigued by it all! It does seem like a scam....I ordered 2 and other goods...luckily in the black Friday sale so it £26 if iv list it so not the end of the world!
But I can't understand why they are keeping it up on FB and then people are recieving refunds?!? It's so strange! But with no one recieving anything it does appear to be a scam! So intrigued!

Tiredmummyof3 Sun 08-Dec-19 20:32:10

It's all about 🙄 never mind the Australian bit! It's some imagination isn't it!

PinkJam Sun 08-Dec-19 20:32:56

Completely baffled as to what they have to gain by this being a scam confused

starrynight19 Sun 08-Dec-19 20:36:03

I am staying in it’s worth it to see what happens grin

I have however replaced the gifts they were intended for. I do feel for those who have ordered numerous presents and are sticking by them in the hope they arrive.

You would think they would send a couple out though to keep up the pretence wouldn’t you hmmhmmhmm

AllYouGoodGoodPeople Sun 08-Dec-19 20:37:16

I suppose they had a massive bank account for a month or so ... but even if they give all of the money back they'll lose money if they are indeed getting charged £15 for each chargeback. Perhaps some people will forget and not ask for their money back? I dunno - it doesn't seem very sophisticated does it grin If it is a scam they so have incredibly good customer service.

Leflic Sun 08-Dec-19 20:38:46

I’m dying to know their story as well.. I bought two but got a bit suspicious when the only ever sold things in massive sales and never at full price .
How could they be making profit on £10 hampers.
But their customer service us amazing. And have they really given surplus stock to homeless charity. And how do they even know if they have surplus stock since no one has had a hamper!
Can they launder money by doing this? Is that why they are happy to refund.
This could be “the scam” of the year!

Creas35 Sun 08-Dec-19 20:40:58

Have a look on companies house, the guy running it is 19, they also have all address etc on there. Be interesting to see if anyone gets a hamper this week!

QOD Sun 08-Dec-19 20:41:19

Bollox. I came on to see what the consensus was.
Damn bugger. Do I risk it? I mean are they saying people having money back but that’s a lie ?
Has anyone actually said on the threads that they’ve had their refund ?

VividImagination Sun 08-Dec-19 20:43:25

I’ve ordered 3 hampers. Part of me wants to ask for a refund whilst the other bit of me wants to hold on “just in case”. Fortunately I could manage without them as I’ve got gifts picked out to replace them and will not be seeing the recipients until Christmas Day. I can’t afford to lose the money (I wasn’t giving them as full hampers but splitting them up). I paid on my credit card so should hopefully get it back. I keep Checking Facebook obsessively for updates.

OhMyGodTheyKilledKenny Sun 08-Dec-19 20:45:24

I've just thought of another possibility ..... it's all been a set up for a TV documentary on how people fall for scams!

We'll shortly all get an email from the at little baldy fella who investigates scams and rip-offs

NotYourHolidayDick Sun 08-Dec-19 20:45:41

Call the flat in Glasgow that is their address. The landlady will tell you that they haven't been there for ages and they owe people money left, right and centre 😉

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