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Struggling for ideas for main present

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ScoobyCan Tue 03-Dec-19 11:02:12

Hey all, I figured I could do with a bit of help as ideas are not very forthcoming.

DC (boys) are 8 & 9. Have managed stockings with a budget of £50 and they look like this:

Scratch Art
Drawing case (pencils, paints etc)
Roblox Annual
Blank Comic Book
Minecraft Activity Book
Magic Ball
Fidget Stretch
Beano Top Trumps

Scratch Art
Beano Annual
Blank Comic Book
Minecraft Top Trumps
Captain America T-Shirt
Roblox Where's the Noob? book
Magic Ball
Fidget Stretch
Minecraft Annual

I've bought three family board games (thank you MN - Blokus, Pandemic, Unstable Unicorns, and Sands of Catan is coming too from another gift giver) for under the tree as that's what we need to do after a couple of years (acrimonious divorce) of disconnect, but they're asking for Lego and it's just so expensive. Any suggestions as to what I could get away with in terms of gifts from me? Their stockings seem very bookish, and a bit, well, bland? Am I overthinking this? Are there some reasonably priced Lego sets out there that I've missed? Is there a PS4 game they can play together?

Eldest is Harry Potter / Doctor Who / Star Wars book worm creative writing artist. Youngest is constantly seeking out someone to play with. Lego is firm favourite, screens - they have a kindle fire each, and a PS4 (which they love playing but get to do so fortnightly - we have Harry Potter game and Lego Movie game).

Thank you. I'm so conscious as it's just the three of us now, that it just doesn't seem enough but then again I'm not willing to spend a fortune - they know how much I love them.

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SatsukiKusakabe Tue 03-Dec-19 11:55:55

Could you get them a big Lego set they could build together? I don’t know your budget but the Harry Potter Great Hall is £60 at Argos at the moment. My son got that last year and spent most of the afternoon and Boxing Day finishing it and it still has pride of place in his room. This year he is getting the Knight Bus which I got for under 30. Argos also had the yellow boxes of Classic Lego for around £14 if they are more open-ended creative.

The Lego Jurassic World game on the PS4 was around 14 on Amazon last time I saw it. There’s Garfield racing new out that might be a good one to play together.

I also got my son an airfix quick build kit for around a tenner as he had seen them and liked the look.

My ds is also bookish and quite artistic and loved his blank comic book and drawing pens last year so I think their stockings sound lovely and likely to go down really well, but just a few ideas.

Bansku19 Tue 03-Dec-19 12:09:23

Hotukdeals ,HUKD, have good Lego deals posted frequently. Argos has sometimes good deals that pop out suddenly but HUKD spots them.

bookmum08 Tue 03-Dec-19 12:16:23

There are loads of Lego sets that are £20 or under. Argos have some in the 2 for £15/2 for £30. B+M are good price for Lego too.

ScoobyCan Tue 03-Dec-19 13:54:04

Thank you so much for the responses - I shall have a look at HUKD and in fact, buying them a Lego kit to put together together is a really good idea! Your suggestions are great I'm going off foraging - and thanks for the reassurance on the stocking filler front. Really helpful!!

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