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Thread 15 - 999 emergency. Wheres Reastie when you need a thread title?!

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Notlongnow1 Thu 21-Nov-19 18:11:16

Crisis averted?!

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Notlongnow1 Thu 21-Nov-19 18:13:14

@reastie tried to make this post 1000 but someone got there first so no luck!

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andi76 Thu 21-Nov-19 18:13:50

Will repost the Harry Potter advent calendar as it was right at the end of the last thread. Down to £29.99 at Aldi

advent calendar

Justonedayatatime11 Thu 21-Nov-19 18:13:53

Checking in....

Reastie Thu 21-Nov-19 18:15:34

Argh, sorry, feeling under the weather today and haven’t been keeping up.

Reastie Thu 21-Nov-19 18:17:10

Just for those waiting with baited breath what the thread title was due to be —ahem no one will be— it was going to be ‘Thread 15 - I Wang One of Those’ courtesy of @ClosedAuraOpenMind

Notlongnow1 Thu 21-Nov-19 18:18:33

Good shout. Sorry I didn't think of it!
Hope you're feeling better soon x

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Knockalockin Thu 21-Nov-19 18:21:56

Hobbycraft 15% discount code here, also works in sale


I have used it twice already, but if it doesn't work, I just signed up to the newsletter for it.

Here's some good half price model kits

And some bargains here

Couple of half price hampers on there too

Maranello Thu 21-Nov-19 18:22:52

Flash sale at IWOOT till 7pm tonight - 25% off with code FLASH25

SlayingDragons Thu 21-Nov-19 18:23:13

Whoever was looking for slippers for their DH (sorry - can’t remember who it was) - I bought my DH Mahabis a few years ago when he was ill and spending a lot of time in hospital and at home. 2 1/2 years on and he still loves them and wears them daily. Says he wouldn’t have anything else now. They aren’t bargainous but he reckons well worth the money for the use he’s getting out of them. If you could find a bargain it would def be worth it.

Tooner Thu 21-Nov-19 18:23:15

Thanks for the new thread Notlong, fast worker you😀

Get well soon Reastie, hope it's not the Norvovirus

SlayingDragons Thu 21-Nov-19 18:25:26

Seems to be some codes here for Mahabis - hopefully at least one of them will work.

Reastie Thu 21-Nov-19 18:26:22

I’m fine, just I think getting a coldy thing but being under the weather with a moany baby isn’t that fun! Thanks for the wishes though and thanks notlongnow for the thread

silky86 Thu 21-Nov-19 18:28:05

Hotel chocolat code expires 27/11/19

Someaddedsugar Thu 21-Nov-19 18:33:09

Get well soon @Reastie, and thank you again for these threads - they've totally got me into the festive mood!

BunnyBerries Thu 21-Nov-19 18:36:16


You both mentioned the Xbox One which will be in Lidl - just to make you aware (as I think lots of parents not very clued up on consoles won't realise this) that the one they are selling is the Xbox One S DIGITAL ONLY 1TB version.

It has no disc drive. That means you can only download games off the Xbox store which is usually always RRP unless a sale (so you can't take advantage of good deals on boxed copies). 1TB isn't really very much memory when you have to download the whole game (boxed copies have most of the game running from the disc). I'm not sure if the digital version can be supplemented with a hard drive (but if it can that may add to the cost eventually).

This may be okay with you..or whoever it is for. Just making you aware in case that affects anyone's decision!

DragonMamma Thu 21-Nov-19 18:41:35

Has anybody received their Hype lucky dips? I received mine today and DS already has the backpack (typical - one of about 5 Hype things he owns) if anybody would like to swap for something?

It’s a Spongebob Sammy one. DS loves it but obviously doesn’t want exactly the same one.

Thanks to whoever posted about Typo - I’ve had a few things in my bag for a while so was pleased to get a bit of money off.

nocutsnobuttsnococonuts Thu 21-Nov-19 18:43:19

I tried to post on the end of the last thread but it went squiffy and didn't work!!

margaritas dd got the giant sloth last year from Aldi, he's gorgeous gets loads of love and isn't a creepy bugger like many giant teddies around!! Disney store often have their giant ones half price in the run up to Christmas too.

and I'm so gutted i missed the hype backpacks dd would have loved that spongebob one!! her school bag broke so she stole my backpack!!

Luxplus Thu 21-Nov-19 18:52:46

@BunnyBerries that's a really thoughtful post for us non game ppl smile thank you. You clearly learn something new every day from these threads smile

nov1ce Thu 21-Nov-19 18:57:54

Fitness tracker for kids, can someone please remind me the recommendation for kids? With link if you're feeling generous 😀 From the last thread I think. I thought I'd saved it, but not 😐

Tooner Thu 21-Nov-19 19:01:43

@BunnyBerries good point and something to look into Bicnod. It does support an external usb hard drive for extra storage and I think if you take out a monthly game pass which is great, there are always offers on that,it doesn't clog up your hard drive.

Bicnod...good luck to Grandad if you decide to go for it.😊

andi76 Thu 21-Nov-19 19:04:10

@Knockalockin - thank you, ordered loads of Star Wars model kits for youngest (code worked too).

Billsbill Thu 21-Nov-19 19:08:49

I have received the Hype men's lucky diptoday. I am really impressed. It contained 2 bags plain green and blue and yellow speckled, boxers, socks, bumbag, toy story t-shirt, white t-shirt, shorts, very pastel coloured hoody, running jacket. Not sure if ds will wear half of it but well worth the money. Anyone else?

Dreamingofwalden Thu 21-Nov-19 19:30:03

@Mulberrypeony if you’re still after a code pm me. smile

Mumumumu Thu 21-Nov-19 19:33:50

@Restlessinthenorth I bought my DP some Hugo boss slippers from Country Attire which are in the sale and I used a 15% off code (non generic) which bought them down from around £90 to £55. You’re welcome to PM me for the code to see if it works for you.

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