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No budget bike for DS 12.

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Barbarara Sat 19-Oct-19 05:21:38

I’m inclined to agree with @Rollercoaster1920. A bike that is too cool will make him stick out of his peer group as much as a bike that is too babyish. As a teen fitting in is the key thing.

Rollercoaster1920 Sat 19-Oct-19 01:38:16

I think the challenge is to get a bike that is good enough, but not over the top and stand out. So he fits in.

Ask him what he wants, ask his friends and their parents. And sense check online.

Frog bikes are sensible for us parents, but do kids think they are cool? Fashion changes, I think bmx are coming back into fashion, along with trials bikes (look on you tube for danny mcaskill).

I bet the 'look' is more important than anything else at that age!

SamBeckettslastleap Fri 18-Oct-19 18:54:41

BMX then, it's a bit like when I used to totter around in humongous high heels. Yes bigger wheels/trainers would seem more sensible but as a teenager...

Also (at least where I am) the police don't pull over kids on BMX for riding on the pavement but do mountain bikes as they are so much bigger. Make sure you get a on road BMX tho (front brake, reflectors etc) as the best ones are sold as off road bikes but have the option to add on road stuff. (apparently all these things are 'jank' but I said it was either that or I chose the bike)

Courtney555 Fri 18-Oct-19 18:46:11

Yes, it's definitely more streets/ village park type areas. The wheels just look so small on BMX bikes, I don't understand how his legs won't be going like the clappers confused

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SamBeckettslastleap Fri 18-Oct-19 18:34:23

Massive difference between BMX and mountain bikes. Really depends on what type of riding he is doing. If mainly street/parks then a BMX is best. If forest/long distance then mountain bike.
If BMX (and no budget) I'd suggest going to the local indoor skate park an asking what kids in your area are riding. There is a big geographical difference if you are looking for a 'in' bike (quality is the same, bit like addidas /Nike just preference)
Without knowing I'd also suggest a diamondback mountain bike as lots of the kids have them. Mafiabmx are getting big in my area. Feel free to post what you have found and happy to run it past my wheel obsessed boy.

jeffsar4 Fri 18-Oct-19 18:23:32

Most kids around here have carrera mountain bikes, Matt black especially, including my SS. However my DS has an 'oil slick' bmx as he prefers the smaller frame; they are both 13 x

BarbaraStrozzi Fri 18-Oct-19 18:13:30

Just asked DS (who is a similar age) what would be a cool bike and he suggests a diamond back BMX. (He says I have to tell you not to get a Halfords own brand, but he is a miniature bike snob).

Courtney555 Fri 18-Oct-19 18:08:51

(the DD on third line should read DS)

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Courtney555 Fri 18-Oct-19 18:07:35

DS has never really had friends in the area as we live quite far from his school. In the last few months 2 or 3 lovely lads have moved nearby, and so DD has a peer group outside of school. They are out every evening on their bikes. One has a great big black mountain bike. The other two have BMXs. DS has a bright blue Hoy, which whilst quite dear, and they've all had a go on and thought it was "zoomy fast" (it's extremely lightweight) it does not look as "cool" as the others.

He's come in a couple of times a little dejected as they are all a little bit more streetwise and have commented on his bike being a bit babyish. He is too large for it as well, so we need to replace it anyway.

We'd really like to get him something that they'd all think was a really cool bike, for Christmas. Budget is somewhat irrelevant, in the sense that we would really like to treat him, but also, we're quite open to him having a dirt cheap bike if it's what the in thing is. One of his friends has mentioned a "Carrera" which I think is Halfords own brand, but unsure if that's a good thing?

DS has ADHD, so the very fact that he's still in this social group tells me they are children he clicks with, which is not always common. He's not "cool" and can make quite impulsive faux pas socially, so again, we don't want to get the "wrong" bike.

What would you be buying your DS 12 as a super cool bike for Christmas?

(Sorry for essay!)

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