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Kobo e-reader?

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Adesignforstrife Fri 18-Oct-19 17:16:04

I'm thinking of getting DD a Kobo. It would specifically be for use with library books as shes such a bookworm and we don't get to the library often enough. Our local libraries use borrowbox. Has anyone got a Kobo for this purpose? Do you recommend??

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Mrsfussypants1 Sat 19-Oct-19 11:35:46

Hi, kobo are have a good reputation, I'm not sure how old your DD is but amazon are about to release kindle e reader younger readers version. It's the new basic kindle with back light, case, 2 year guarantee/replacement against breakage and 1 year free kindle for kids unlimited book library with parental controls. I wouldn't pay full price for it but it will go down in price as amazon always do with there devices.

Adesignforstrife Sat 19-Oct-19 17:30:01

That's interesting, will keep an eye out thanks!

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