New kids kindle with kids unlimited - any good?

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rainywinterday Wed 16-Oct-19 18:14:42

Just wondering if this looks a good idea? Does kids unlimited have a good selection of books?

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Mrsfussypants1 Sat 19-Oct-19 11:12:05

I love physical books and finally sucummed to buying a paperwhite earlier this year and it's been fantastic, I definitely read a lot more. I saw the kids kindle on pre order a couple of weeks ago and thought it might be a good gift for an avid young reader. I like the back light and the reading rewards to encourage reading. Amazon are pretty good with there age appropriate content, and variety available which is updated regularly, but I do often buy a few e books too, so a Amazon gift card to go along with it might be a good idea (or for family members struggling for gifts). Its so portable, Amazon guarantee is always good, as is kindle battery.When I looked at it it was only available in pink or blue, i think more colours should be available. And i would hold of buying it because it will most likely be on offer before Christmas as amazon always discount there own devices regularly.

Mrsfussypants1 Sat 19-Oct-19 11:24:49

I forgot to add, after 1yr amazon kids unlimited runs out you will have to renew if you want to use that feature. Im not sure how much it would cost for kids but If your a prime member I imagine a few pounds a month, might be worth checking it out.

reluctantbrit Sat 19-Oct-19 13:22:00

DD has a kindle and shares my account. I personally think the selection for KU is not good and children Kindle books are very expensive compared to paperbacks.

We got her one for convenience, easy to carry around on holiday or if we are going somewhere for the day. But I would say 75% of the books I buy for her are still paperbacks. It is a bit better now as she moved into teen fiction.

You can try out if your child likes reading on a tablet, download the Kindle App. It is not the same as a kindle itself though. Or just download a free book on your own kindle if you have one.

You can search the unlimited catalogue

We got DD's kindle with Amazon's Black Friday sale but it is a normal one, not a Kids.

Tiredsahm84 Sat 19-Oct-19 15:25:05

I'd get a kids kindle fire instead

You still have access to all the books but can also use it for films & games

You can get daily limits for everything and even things like 20 mins of reading before any game if your worried about screen time

reluctantbrit Sat 19-Oct-19 16:39:32

@Tiredsahm84 a kindle fire is not as nice to use as a kindle itself, the screen is not designed to read a book.

When my last kindle died suddenly I swapped to a tablet for a couple of weeks and it was hard to read if the light was too bright and less easy to have in your hand.

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