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Bike/trike for a sit on refusing toddler

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PinkDaydreams Wed 16-Oct-19 12:29:50

It’s one of these threads again I’m afraid!
I’m struggling as to what to get my little one, he will be 2 in January.
He has two ride on toys that he just won’t sit on. One has been put away till next summer and the other he likes to lie on the floor and push it back and to and press the horn button.
His pram is getting heavy with him in it now and I’d like something else to take him to the park in/on or nip to the shops.
Please help wise mumsnetters!

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BeanBag7 Wed 16-Oct-19 12:34:49

Maybe have a look on Facebook marketplace or ebay and get a cheap bike or trike for him to try, before you spend a fortune on something he might hate.

Personally I would probably just get a cheap stroller, which will be lighter than a pram but easier to push along than a trike.

PinkDaydreams Wed 16-Oct-19 18:49:33

Unfortunately not on fb but I’ll have a look on eBay.

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theboywonteat Wed 16-Oct-19 22:05:00

Could highly recommend a mini micro scooter or a Cruzee or Strider balance bike.

DD got both at age 2 (Birthday & Christmas) & picked both up very quickly. The micro scooters are so easy to ride & very smooth, and the Cruzee bike is exceptionally light so easy for little legs to propel forwards. They feel grown up being on a bike & once they get going can go quite a distance! Plus it helps them to move straight on to a pedal bike without needing stabilisers.

Fueledwithfairydustandgin Thu 17-Oct-19 07:08:29

I was going to suggest a cruzee. DS had the micro scooter with the seat then progressed to a cruzee. He learned to ride a pedal bike with no stabilisers in under 5 mins. In my experience the cheap, heavy bikes put kids off

Impatientwino Thu 17-Oct-19 07:23:32

We tried different things with our ride on hater - micro scooter, trike, balance bike etc. He's 7 now and had three bikes and he's just not interested. He just really doesn't like things that move. Not being in control I suppose.

Fortunately youngest DS who is now 2 loves the ride on so hopefully can work his way through everything in the garage!!

I'd take him to try a few different things if possible before wasting money like we did!

PinkDaydreams Thu 17-Oct-19 07:37:10

Thank you everyone so much for your help! I think I’ll get him to try out all of the above like you’ve suggested and take it from there. I may even wait until the summer to get him something, he’ll obviously be a little older then too.
Thank you! smile

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