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Sainsbury's toy event

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gingerbiscuitqueen Tue 15-Oct-19 16:43:54

Word on the grapevine is that is starts tomorrow!

What is everyone looking to get?


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banskuwansku Tue 15-Oct-19 18:00:47

I will go and see what they have there after dropping kids. I am after Lego.

BeanBag7 Wed 16-Oct-19 12:19:26

I was hoping to get some playmobil but looking online there doesnt seem to be much at all sad
I havent decided if it's worth going in store to see what they have.

theatrenerd31 Wed 16-Oct-19 13:02:48

@BeanBag7 they had a few playmobil bits in our store. I can remember seeing a school house but wasn't really looking properly x

Quellium Wed 16-Oct-19 13:06:39

Is it not a massive bunfight where you are?

I stopped going to ours as it became a scary free-for-all. Felt really sorry for the staff!

smugmug Wed 16-Oct-19 13:18:10

When I shopped earlier there were more mums than usual shopping , it seemed busy but not impossible , apparently the toys are 1/2 price

InDubiousBattle Wed 16-Oct-19 13:21:01

I went this morning and it was very busy in the toy section. A few bits of Play mobile, lots of good play doh deals and the lego is pretty good.

GraceH24 Wed 16-Oct-19 13:32:58

I work in Sainsbury's, at our one within 30 minutes of the doors opening we had sold of it a few bits. There is a good selection though. I've stocked up ready for birthdays and Christmas smile

Evilmorty Wed 16-Oct-19 13:39:13

Oh dear god ours was complete carnage. You couldn't get down the aisles but I got everything I wanted doing two trips.

22Giraffes Wed 16-Oct-19 13:53:56

Just a tip, I was after a Hatchimals playset that's half price at £10 in the sale but couldn't get to Sainsburys. Checked Amazon and Argos and they have both reduced the same set to match Sainsburys price. Worth a check!

WaitingForEgg Wed 16-Oct-19 15:36:58

Ours was empty, managed to get lots of paw patrol and barbie, Edinburgh shops are a bit strange like this

Icypop Wed 16-Oct-19 16:15:56

Got a few vtech bits they all said half price but most were only about 25% chepaer than ive seen. Still bargains though! Lots of barbie playmobil and lego but mine arent old enough for that yet!

mummyof2boys30 Wed 16-Oct-19 16:21:13

Got a sylvanian family bakery for 22.50 for my cousins child. Nothing for my own kids

Bigregrets19 Wed 16-Oct-19 16:21:44

I got the toot toot set and some vehicles for dd 19m
And a barbie set for dsd.

It was rammed.. The worker said this eve they re stock and its quiet so going then as have to get some lunchbox stuff for tomorrow anyway

banskuwansku Wed 16-Oct-19 16:25:18

I was after Star Wars Lego and got nothing. There were loads of big toys for toddlers and pre-schoolers. My kids are too old for that kind of stuff.

I went after dropping kids early and got there just before the masses arrived.

IDontDrinkTea Wed 16-Oct-19 16:34:50

I got a few bits for my 7m old dd. One of those elephants that pops balls out for £6. A few wooden toys too. They had wooden jigsaws for £1.50. I was quite impressed to be honest, lots of bargains

BernadetteRostankowskiWolowitz Wed 16-Oct-19 16:35:45

Is it in store only?

MileyWiley Wed 16-Oct-19 16:37:16

Yes I store only every year.

gingerbiscuitqueen Wed 16-Oct-19 19:42:48

My local store was carnage! confused People were grabbing boxes for the sake of it. Honestly don't remember it being as bad as this last year. There were no Sylvanian Family or Playmobil sets left - really disappointing,

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Evilmorty Wed 16-Oct-19 19:48:05

We went back this afternoon and it had been rinsed. All the Disney dolls gone (although I got one this morning anyway) and hardly any hot wheels left. Lego - minimal choices compared to this morning but still lots it.

slipperywhensparticus Wed 16-Oct-19 19:49:41

Bugger I missed it was it one day only?

Equimum Wed 16-Oct-19 19:56:18

I popped in at lunchtime and most of the good bits had gone. I was hoping to find Playmobil or Minecraft Lego, but both places were empty. There were quite a few big Hotwheels sets and lots of big toddler toys left.

Doje Wed 16-Oct-19 20:00:34

One of the hot wheels sets is on Amazon today - the corkscrew crash - half price.

InDubiousBattle Thu 17-Oct-19 09:24:26

No, it's on for a few days I think.

For lego keep an eye on Argos, I don't think they're doing their 3 for 2 deal this year but are knocking a third off toys randomly. I saw the Hiddenside Lego really discounted on there last week.

PumpkinKing Thu 17-Oct-19 18:16:33

I went in this morning. Only the end aisles had toys so I presume most of it was snatched up yesterday. I bought three Chad Valley toys for £5 each. I checked Argos and Amazon first but Sainsbury's came out cheapest. That's DD almost sorted for Christmassmile

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