Locally bought/handmade/independent shop gift ideas

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numberonecook Sat 12-Oct-19 16:21:35

This year we are trying to get as many gifts locally or handmade as possible.

What gifts do you hand make? What ideas do you have for independent shopping from Etsy etc? Where else do you buy from that independent? My mind just keeps going blank


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sleepismysuperpower1 Sat 12-Oct-19 16:33:05

amazon handmade have some lovely stuff. this year i have bought some scented wax melts off there, and some wax melters, from either here or here depending on colour. the melters aren't handmade because i had to get them at a lower price to suit my budget, but you can get one on etsy here which is handmade.

all the best x

milliefiori Sat 12-Oct-19 16:37:59

Go to local garden centres for flowering shrubs, fruit trees etc or gardening presents such as gloves, seeds, tools, bird feeders, bird baths, solar lights etc.

I don't recommend home made biscuits or sweets at Christmas as there's so much food around lots of it goes to waste. If I did hand make something, I'd probably make felt from some old sweaters and make tea cosies, glove puppets, soft toys or slippers from the felt.

tentative3 Sat 12-Oct-19 16:38:49

Food would be a good one that covers local/independent. We have an amazing cheese shop at the end of our road, some of the cheese is local, some less so but I could easily put together a selection of cheeses produced in this county and they sell various pickles/chutneys/crackers that are certainly from independents, and are British at least, if not anyore local than that.

Gin/wine/cider easily available to tick those boxes too.

Turtle doves cashmere gloves are reasonably local to me and make lovely presents.

We have a couple of independent plant shops near us and also one of those scoop shops. All have gifty type options. The other thing that they all do is offer craft courses and that could be another option, a gift voucher for a local craft course. Or brewery tour etc.

We have a number of independent restaurants where we live and gift vouchers for them might come under what you're considering, as could vouchers for the local independent theatre/cinema.

tentative3 Sat 12-Oct-19 16:42:36

On the handmade front, things from kids are one thing but I think unless you are especially talented at something it's not always the best option. Cost of materials can be high, it can be more difficult or time consuming to produce whatever you've decided on than you first thought and if the recipient doesn't like it or won't/can't use it it's a waste. Clearly disregard this if you're well known for or very good at something.

RemusLupinsBiggestGroupie Sun 13-Oct-19 09:25:03

Last year I bought:
Wool from local indie wool shop for crocheting sister
Earrings from local indie art gallery
Local chutney and jam for a hamper for dp

This year I'll definitely do at least some of the above again. I'm also thinking:
Local indie deli does vouchers, as do some of the indie restaurants - might get some for the adult dc so they can use with their partners

Local florist does gorgeous plants and there's a shop nearby that does lovely hand crafted pots. Will get some for friends and neighbours, I think.

We've also got a local shop that makes gorgeous homemade fudge in biodegradable bags. Will get these for people who need a 'token ' gift, who'd usually get a box of supermarket chocs.

FeltCarrot Sun 13-Oct-19 09:49:49

I am lucky to live in a town that has a fabulous market. On Sundays it hosts lots of individual traders from t shirts to pottery to woollen cushions. This year I’m planning on buying more from there and less from the big chain stores. In fact, I’m going this morning!!

OldEvilOwl Sun 13-Oct-19 10:08:23

Cork board made from used corks in a frame

numberonecook Fri 18-Oct-19 18:17:36

Thanks for the ideas everyone smile

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