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Make up advent calendar for 12yo girl

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Liz79 Tue 08-Oct-19 20:35:48

Have you seen any good ones? Boots have a unicorn one that looks ok and I've seen one on Amazon too. Help!!

Ricekrispie22 Wed 09-Oct-19 06:43:11

Harry Potter make up one from Boots if she’s into HP
Soap and Glory is good for tweens

Darksideofthemoon19 Wed 09-Oct-19 14:39:27

Following. Dd12 is getting braces next month so won’t be able to have much chocolate ☹️

Liz79 Thu 17-Oct-19 13:30:50

I was very pleased to get the hp one from boots. Fingers crossed I manage to get a No7 one for myself and my mum

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