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Ghosts of Christmas Past

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WheelchairWoes Sat 05-Jan-19 18:02:35

I thought maybe we could have a thread running all year round with old Christmas photos and old traditions and even stuff you might find online that is a Christmas Past.

This will be a way to combat the post Christmas blues and just bring up some memories all year round.

I'll start with an old family Christmas photo of mine from the 80s. At my grandma's (she's passed on now) I'm the little one in the pink opening stuff with my brothers. So share some of your Christmas past photos and or stories!

IrishAceyMac13 Sat 05-Jan-19 18:24:22

Woohoo Addie and I are here and checking in! 😁

What a beautiful photo, it’s like Christmas has frozen still and been captured in that moment!

Here’s a google photo of a Christmas card from the 50’s, it’s fab! I will have a look through old photos at some point and post one of them when I get a chance! 😁

WheelchairWoes Sat 05-Jan-19 19:27:02

Hello Acey and Addie!! I love that card! I found this one on Pinterest. Back in the days they put candles on the tree

I really love these old old photos.

FannyAnne64 Sat 05-Jan-19 20:18:44

Oh wow, that is such a lovely photo - reminds me so much of my family Christmas's... ours were in the 80s too.
Actually this is my first ever post on MN - learned so much from all the threads already.

WheelchairWoes Sat 05-Jan-19 20:56:26

Awww welcome Fanny I'm glad it made you remember you Christmases past!

Here's my grandma opening presents in front of her tree. I now have a lot of the ornaments that my grandma had <3

FannyAnne64 Sat 05-Jan-19 21:03:54

Such special memories for you. xx

IrishAceyMac13 Sat 05-Jan-19 22:21:13

I give you; advent calendars yay! I don’t know why my grandad hung them on the wall, but he did it every year! This year I will hang out advent calendars on the wall as our first tradition as a family of three with Addie, and in honour of my Gpops ❤️

I love that photo of your grandma, and I love her outfit too!
That card off Pinterest is wonderful!

WheelchairWoes Sat 05-Jan-19 23:15:56

Fanny It's nice to look back and remember. I hope you'll stick around and maybe someday share your own photos or some you find smile

Irish Acey In the USA we have some that are for every year use made out of fabric that are made to be hung on the wall! We have one actually lol

You guys are so cute getting into your advent calendars!

Here's one I found on Pinterest since I share more personal more recent ones I'll go for some vintage for the next few posts.

It's a little girl with her 1950s Boudoir doll

IrishAceyMac13 Sun 06-Jan-19 07:34:17

Morning or night time where you are wheelie grin

Fanny - it’s lovely to look back on these things, and how nice your first post was on this thread smile

Wheelie - aye I’ve seen the fabric ones here actually, now there’s an idea, maybe I’ll invest in one of them too. We have the wooden ones with drawers, so same concept but they can’t be hung up lol!

Oooh I love that one you found on Pinterest! I have no idea how to use Pinterest haha.

Here’s 2 vintage Irish photos for you! Irish Santa wearing green instead of red haha, then an advertisement for Guinness haha ☘️

It’s so fun finding these and browsing the net for them too!

Alanamackree Sun 06-Jan-19 08:10:37

Lovely idea for a thread @WheelchairWoes the 1980s photos remind me so much of my own childhood - the clothes and the decor take me right back!

I’m feeling a little sad today as it’s the last day of our school holidays and I always wonder what the dc will be like next year as they grow and change so fast.

Here are some pictures of the lights on Grafton Street, Dublin over the years, hard to believe there used to be buses running down it

IrishAceyMac13 Sun 06-Jan-19 09:15:24

Alana - they are beautiful photos! I remember many visits to see the lights in Dublin with my grandad and brothers, they look so beautiful in that picture! I’m hoping once I’ve had my wee baby girl, I’ll be able to take her to Dublin to see the lights just like I used to! Will be better when she is older and able to travel a wee bit better as we are in Donegal smile

Ah I’m sorry to hear you’re feeling sad lovely flowers I can only imagine how fast they change, it must be so bittersweet watching them grow!

WheelchairWoes Sun 06-Jan-19 14:43:33

IrishAcey My Christmas Guinness has me rolling!! I love the Santa dressed all in Green! I'm trying to see if I have a photo of our advent which we hang up. If I find a photo I'll share.

Alana Those photos are positively gorgeous! WOW! I love the one in the middle with the giant teardrop of lights.

I'm sorry you are feeling a bit melancholy. I totally understand. I've been having the post Christmas blues myself. That's why I thought of this photo thread. I was hoping to help others maybe not get so sad.

I've fallen in love with Vintage Christmas cards! I think I might start looking for them at flea markets and antique stores and estate sales. Here's one I absolutely adore

Prokupatuscrakedatus Sun 06-Jan-19 17:23:24

Here is a picture from 1966 with my special christmass smile.

flapjackfairy Sun 06-Jan-19 17:25:49

Oh sign me up. I am so fed up now Christmas is over. I need a Christmas fix all year round to keep me sane.

flapjackfairy Sun 06-Jan-19 17:33:15

I lost my dad this year and my beloved aunt on boxing day so I am maudlin at the moment and keep wondering where my kids childhoods have gone ! It goes in a flash doesnt it ! And I keep reminiscing about all the years that have slipped away so not sure reading this thread will be any good for me at the moment.
Still I will have to console myself with yet more Christmas chocs and mince pies.

WheelchairWoes Sun 06-Jan-19 17:57:55

Prokup You look absolutely darling! How old were you? Your smile is so sweet! Thank you for sharing with us!

Flapjack Welcome to the thread! You can share any Christmas photos you wish. Your own, stuff you find on google, or even just Christmas decorations! Or you can lurk and just be cheered up by Christmas photos.

I found this photo on pinterest and it's so cute! Look at this little baby!

WheelchairWoes Sun 06-Jan-19 17:59:35

Flapjack I am so sorry for your loss! It really does go so fast. My oldest child is 15 today and I've been kind of weepy because we took down my tree and she's growing up!

flapjackfairy Sun 06-Jan-19 18:07:33

Thank you wheelchair. fsmile

TrickyD Sun 06-Jan-19 18:22:22

This is one of a few cards we have dating from WW1. These silk embroidered cards were made in Belgium and France and bought by our soldiers to send home. I love the way the 'S' of Xmas is back to front. Very touching little objects.

IrishAceyMac13 Sun 06-Jan-19 18:22:57

Prokup - that’s a lovely photo, you look so happy with a smile as bright as a lit up Christmas tree! 😁

Flapjack - I’m so sorry for your losses. My dad passed away on bonfire night last year, and my grandad passed away This week so i completely get what you are going through. I also keep reminiscing on past years gone by and how fast time goes by! Enjoy your chocs and mince pies!

Wheelie - my Christmas Guinness had me laughing so hard too! That Christmas card is stunning, I adore it! I would love to be able to buy them somewhere!

Here’s a couple more photos. Irish Christmas blessing and Guinness time instead of Christmas time Haha.

IrishAceyMac13 Sun 06-Jan-19 18:24:45

Tricky - that is absolutely stunning wow. Thanks so much for sharing that with us! That is indeed very touching, and I love the way the ‘S’ is backwards too. Dating back to WW1, wow, that’s incredible!

TrickyD Sun 06-Jan-19 18:50:03

Thank you, Acey. Sadly this is the only 'Christmas' one we have. Some have handwritten messages on the back. I always hope the soldier sending the card returned home safely.

Chottie Sun 06-Jan-19 19:06:11

I'm an oldie and I can just remember my GPs having real candles on the Christmas tree. It was a real Christmas tree and used to be in the bay window of their lounge. All the candles had little candle holders which had to be fixed upright on the tree branches. It looked beautiful when it was lit smile

Flapjack flowers sorry to hear of your bereavements.

Prokupatuscrakedatus Sun 06-Jan-19 19:42:30

I was 4 and a half years old and I got furniture for my doll Susanne - a blue wooden warderobe and bed.
And - an orange and chocolates!!!

I love all those fotos!

Bornlazy Sun 06-Jan-19 22:17:35

This seems like a lovely thread to cheer us up after the post Christmas blues is it ok to join in? I don’t have any pictures yet but will see if I can find some.

Somehow Christmas seemed more special years ago, even boxes of chocolates seemed to be really luxurious and were well received around Christmas. I grew up without a lot of things my DC think are “essentials” so appreciated things more.

IrishAcey I am sorry to hear that you have had lost both your dad and your grandad that must have been tough.

Flapjack sorry for your losses too that must have been awful losing your aunt on Boxing Day. I know what you mean about time slipping away. My DSs are 15 and 13 and I feel sad that they are growing up so fast.

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