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Christmas family days out hits and misses

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Fantasisa Thu 03-Jan-19 14:39:44

We try and do a different 'big' Christmas Day out each year usually with a chance to see Father Christmas.

This year we did a Polar Express train ride

which was brilliant, but I think once you have been once, you wouldn't go again. I'm already wondering what we can do that would be magical next year. We would be happy to travel and make a weekend of it in December. What were your best days out?

FoddyWaddle Thu 03-Jan-19 23:05:45

Our wins have been
Polar express
West Midlands safari park
Lapland uk
Disney land paris

In the middle
Tamworth winter wonderland

Thomas land at drayton manor, it was a nice santa but it did not give me the christmas feeling. I was just cold and wet.

Winter wonderland in london

Fantasisa Fri 04-Jan-19 11:42:09

Oooh thanks foddy. Did you see Father Christmas as Disney?

There is some sort of indoor snow place at Tamworth that I thought looked good - is that the place you went to?

Kissmyaxe Fri 04-Jan-19 13:44:05

We went to Legoland this Christmas for a Santa Sleepover. It was absolutely magical and my three 8 year olds absolutely loved it. Wandering around once it had got dark was fab - Christmas lights everywhere. Plus Santa was the best Santa we’ve seen.

Deminism Fri 04-Jan-19 16:28:10

In Windsor @kidsmyaxe? How much did that cost?

Deminism Fri 04-Jan-19 16:28:39

@kissmyaxe (autocorrect sorry)

Fantasisa Fri 04-Jan-19 16:29:14

Kissmyaxe, that does look fun! Was the park open to everyone when you were there? How much did it cost and when did you book it?

Tappyfeet92 Fri 04-Jan-19 16:31:55

We did piglets adventure farm near York and it was brilliant. Maybe not one for a weekend away unless doing other bits too but it was the best one we've done x

anniehm Fri 04-Jan-19 17:03:52

When the kids were young we did wimpole hall farm (National trust) mist years and one year Disneyland Paris which was amazing - bit pricey but grabbed a kids stay and travel free deal.

HairyToity Fri 04-Jan-19 17:28:39

We've done Santa Safari at Hawkstone Park before and children loved it.

Another one they have enjoyed is Park Hall Farm.

Both the above are in Shropshire. Never had a miss, but never spent so much that we've had very high expectations, if that makes sense.

Kissmyaxe Fri 04-Jan-19 17:31:21

@Deminism and @Fantasisa

Yes it was Legoland Windsor. We booked in July last year and were lucky to get a room in the Castle Hotel which was really lovely. It was pretty booked up at that time.

I believe you can book a day visit as well to see Santa but the park is not open to people who aren’t seeing Santa.

We are a family of 5 and it cost about £400 I think for 2 days in the park (not all rides were open - water rides for example were closed, but there were enough open to keep my 3 more than entertained), a night in a premium room (which included Lego gift bags for the kids), a visit to Santa and a gift, and breakfast in the Tournament Tavern restaurant.

For us it was absolutely magical and I’m definitely tempted to book again!

Fantasisa Fri 04-Jan-19 17:34:50

Kissmyaxe, does that mean you don't have the usual awful crowds on the rides? We have only ever been once for a day and we barely got on any rides so it sounds worth it just for that!

Deminism Fri 04-Jan-19 17:36:02

We are five as well. £400. Eeek. I don’t think it is expensive for what it is but not sure we have that money to spare.

Fantasisa Fri 04-Jan-19 17:40:01

How old were your DC @Kissmyaxe

jjemimapuddleduck Fri 04-Jan-19 17:41:52

Christmas at the Botanics (Edinburgh) was magical (but no Santa).

Kissmyaxe Fri 04-Jan-19 17:44:29

@Fantasisa My three are 8 (triplets).

Fantasisa Fri 04-Jan-19 17:46:44

My eldest would be 8 next year, sounds like a good age for it then.

There was a triplets thread on here the other day but you probably saw that grin

I've been Googling the other suggestions and this looks fun too:

Deminism Fri 04-Jan-19 17:52:36

Oh wow triplets. Am in awe

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