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Do you all put actual oranges in the toe of stockings?

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ElfrideSwancourt Sun 16-Dec-18 15:13:50

We've always put chocolate oranges in the stocking toes, but one of my DC is very lactose intolerant and doesn't want one this year.

I feel a bit mean just putting an orange in hers, but she doesn't like dark chocolate.

Has anyone got any good ideas for what I could put instead?

notpushyinterested Tue 18-Dec-18 04:27:47

Or fart putty or a clockwork toy or juggling balls or something daft.

notpushyinterested Tue 18-Dec-18 04:26:26

Always a satsuma in the toe of the stocking. Chocolate coins. A comic/magazine. A puzzle. Some other small bits like groovy socks or lynx.

MutedUser Tue 18-Dec-18 02:29:23

I used to put fruit in stockings but it would me taking them out of the fruit bowl on Christmas Eve then me putting them straight back in the fruit bowl on Christmas Day. So instead we do chocolate orange and a shiny £1 coin

Elflocks Mon 17-Dec-18 22:14:37

I got some soap shaped like an orange, for my little sister's stocking, one year.

MeetOnTheSIedge Sun 16-Dec-18 19:59:36

We've never done either, I didn't even know it was a tradition till quite recently, we never had oranges in ours as children.

ElfrideSwancourt Sun 16-Dec-18 19:47:01

Lots of inspiration thanks everyone.

I've ordered some clear baubles and I'll make her some lactose free orange truffles to fill it.

wendz86 Sun 16-Dec-18 19:19:39

I always got a satsuma and would eat with choc for breakfast . Do the same for my girls.

SatsukiKusakabe Sun 16-Dec-18 18:39:48

We always put a real satsuma or the like in the bottom and they eat it straight away! Also a green apple as we usually buy red and they see it as an unusual treat. This year they are a bit older and will get a chocolate one too, like a pp said, further up.

FaFoutis Sun 16-Dec-18 18:30:48

I thought only naughty children get coal.
I have a coal fire, the coal man winks at me when he delivers the coal. It's very retro.

KirstyAllsoppsFatterTwin Sun 16-Dec-18 18:28:23

Can you ever buy coal any more? confused It's all wood burners these days.

FaFoutis Sun 16-Dec-18 18:27:55

Satsuma. The children put them straight back in the fruit bowl.

KirstyAllsoppsFatterTwin Sun 16-Dec-18 18:27:44

A satsuma, a handful of nuts in their shells and a lump of coal.

That's what I grew up with in my stocking. I've never done it with my own children though.

GETTINGLIKEMYMOTHER Sun 16-Dec-18 18:26:28

Satsuma or clementine. It's the law in this house.
Might also get a chocolate orange (me from dh) but always the fresh one too.

HairyToity Sun 16-Dec-18 18:20:02

Always a satsuma in the stocking.

Butterflycookie Sun 16-Dec-18 17:36:24

Yep mum still puts an orange in ours. It was only recently that I discovered that a lot of people get chocolate oranges!

LynetteScavo Sun 16-Dec-18 16:26:48

We always find a real satsuma, but Lush are doing satsuma bath bombs....

Christmasgone2018 Sun 16-Dec-18 16:24:56

At the very toe of the stocking is a hazelnut. Then comes a satsuma, tube of smarties, chocolate coins and then a couple of little gifts ( socks or photo frame or the like)

anyoldname76 Sun 16-Dec-18 16:19:05

mine have a satsuma in their stockings, along with chocolate coins and some little wrapped gifts

eddiemairswife Sun 16-Dec-18 16:01:20

I always had an orange, so did my children. It was always orange, choc coins, nuts,apple then small unwrapped gifts. That kept them happy until after breakfast, getting dressed and starting on presents under the tree.

shouldwestayorshouldwego Sun 16-Dec-18 15:52:33

Orange jelly slices in a clear bauble.

JurassicGirl Sun 16-Dec-18 15:47:25

I second Asda chocolate orange dairy free buttons - so nice!!

Could you get one of those baubles that are clear plastic that you can fill yourself?

I got some dairy free truffles that look like sprouts that are lovely!

JellyBabiesSaveLives Sun 16-Dec-18 15:46:05

Hell no. Taking up chocolate space with fruit would not be well received. The pancreatically-challenged child says chocolate is better than fruit because it has the carb count written on the packet so he knows how much insulin to give himself ....

UrbaneSprawl Sun 16-Dec-18 15:43:41

Actual clementines or similar are traditional here. And in my DP’s family they are always accompanied by a wrapped lump of coal as a reminder to be good of for the rest of the year!

AdaColeman Sun 16-Dec-18 15:40:53

Always a real satsuma or tangerine here, it's the law! fgrin

FissionChips Sun 16-Dec-18 15:38:54

Sainsbury’s do one too but Asda’s is nicer.

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