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What do I make to go with Delia's canapes?

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toomuchtooold Sun 16-Dec-18 15:01:25

On Friday I got a secondhand copy of Delia's Christmas (its praises were being sung on here the other week) and I've now made a bunch of her savoury scones and palmiers to freeze for when DH's family come over on Boxing Day. We'll have some salami and stuff as well so what I'm lacking is stuff that is a bit lighter or contains any vegetables at all. What would you all suggest for vegetable-based canapes?

Twitchintervention Sun 16-Dec-18 15:46:32

We are doing canapés and Champagne instead of a starter this year as poor DH puts so much effort into cooking a really lovely meal and the majority of time none of us are particularly hungry due to filling up on a carby starter so this year we are doing a few posh nibbles while opening family present.

We are doing little blinis with smoked salmon and horseradish cream and prosciutto ham and fig, baby gem lettuce leaves filled with prawn Marie rose (the lettuce acts as a little edible serving dish) and cocktail sticks with an olive, manchego cheese and chorizo and of course lots of champagne!!!

YahBasic Sun 16-Dec-18 16:17:35

I'd do either a winter slaw or a pumpkin, brussel sprout & chestnut salad with a cranberry dressing.

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