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Have you got your kids anything for Christmas that you secretly want yourself? Lighthearted.

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glutten4punishment Tue 20-Nov-18 09:49:00

I confess - I got DD(5) Twisty Petz as one of her gifts for Christmas, not because she asked for them but because I think they're the cutest things ever! blush

I know she'll love them. I mean, they're pets AND bracelets, amazing!! She hasn't asked for much (2 things) so I've had to think of little gifts she might like. TPs just are a little bit more of a selfish purchase!

Anyone else?!

PurpleTigerLove Wed 16-Jan-19 11:55:38


glutten4punishment Fri 11-Jan-19 12:48:29

I can confirm that twisty pets (and Spirograph) were a hit! 🏆

How did the 3D pens go down?

glutten4punishment Thu 22-Nov-18 15:14:16

I also got DD (i.e. me) Spirograph.
I'm the worst!

glutten4punishment Thu 22-Nov-18 14:32:53

@Chimchar - we got a fake version and it was rubbish so if you do end up getting one, get a real tamagotchi. I had a red one when I was younger but I looked after it too well and got bored and had to let it die. It was one of the toys I will always remember though! It was a novelty to us then - not sure if kids these days would be wowed by one. Sigh.

@rach2713 - got a few LOLs for DD too! She has a couple but I can't remember if I watched her open either of them. I will make sure I 'help' on Christmas morning! I'm looking forward to seeing what the pets one will look like! 😂

@EightToSixer - 🤣😂, maybe you should ask a friend or DP to hide them from you?!
Chocolate coins are rank - you don't want to be eating them anyway!

@Allgoodnamesaregone - oh that so lovely (and well orchestrated, gold star ⭐️ ) I bet they're delighted! Have GPs been named? Remember - GPs are for life, not just for Christmas! 😬

@jakesmommy - oh my goodness, I love them! My DD got the frozen Anna and Elsa a couple of years ago. She was only 3 and wasn't that fussed so kept them immaculate. Then her friend came round to play not too long agoand I forgot to hide them. They were destroyed by the time her friend went home. I was a bit 😡 - their hair is impossible to fix!

@golddustwomen - marvel toys for a 1 year old! 😆 Love it! Maybe I could get away with buying a baby Groot toy for my DS(2) then...I luffs him. I so nearly opened one of the twisty Petz boxes yesterday, just to see! I stopped myself though!

Serin Thu 22-Nov-18 10:35:13

Penhaligans perfume and oil paints are making me envy

bojtogether Thu 22-Nov-18 00:27:23

Stretch Armstrong! I always told my parents I'd like one, and it never happened. I bought one for my DS this year I am dying to open it.

BigGreenOlives Wed 21-Nov-18 19:58:53

I’ve bought them all miniatures of Salcombe and Sipsmith gin (adult children).

CazM2012 Wed 21-Nov-18 19:56:01

Sylvanian families, I was never allowed such frivolous things as a child, and when my mum asked what to buy DD1 I mentioned she was old enough and really wanted some so I was going to buy her the starter house. She bought the medium house plus extra accessories! I can’t wait to set it all up grin

Deminism Wed 21-Nov-18 19:19:20

Ah ok will look again

Mookatron Wed 21-Nov-18 18:24:54

No, it was about £50. Maybe you're just looking at badge refills or something?

Deminism Wed 21-Nov-18 18:17:43

Oooh thank you @mookatron. Can that really only be £5.99?

Mookatron Wed 21-Nov-18 12:58:51

<makes 'you're welcome' badge for howmanysleeps>

Howmanysleepstilchristmas Wed 21-Nov-18 12:48:01


Mookatron Wed 21-Nov-18 12:44:48

@Howmanysleepstilchristmas my DD is 9 and I wanted to check she'd be able to do it which is one (ahem) of the reasons I had a go. She'll be fine, but I would think 6 is a bit young to do it unsupervised. As always, depends on the kid though. I'd wait a year or two if I were you.

Howmanysleepstilchristmas Wed 21-Nov-18 12:41:46

@Mookatron any recommendations on age for the badge maker? Ds6 would love it, but will he injure himself?

golddustwomen Wed 21-Nov-18 11:47:48

For reference he is 1!! So definitely not old enough for the marvel toys 🙄

golddustwomen Wed 21-Nov-18 11:46:36

OP I have done exactly the same with the twisty pets 😂
Also my oh has brought our ds a load of marvel toys which I now 100% are for oh.

Mookatron Wed 21-Nov-18 11:40:45

@Deminism it's this one (can you see that?). I can guarantee it makes one badge really well but beyond that... dunno!

WhoGivesADamnForAFlakeyBandit Wed 21-Nov-18 11:21:29

I've just looked at the video for the polaroid 3D pen and they very carefully don't show it actually making anything. Perhaps it's magic?

YearOfYouRemember Wed 21-Nov-18 10:56:53

blush. I posted before reading on. Thank you.

YearOfYouRemember Wed 21-Nov-18 09:49:52

Ggirl27 - tell me more about the 3D pens please grin.

RickOShay Wed 21-Nov-18 08:50:48

A magnetic hanging globe for my nephew, it’s for me and my sister really. So cool grin

ThanosSavedMe Wed 21-Nov-18 08:46:55

I can’t buy Lego for the dds anymore as they’d build it themselves and not let me join in or get bored half way through and let me finish!

Lunalula Wed 21-Nov-18 08:43:22

Not for Xmas, but someone few years ago asked if our kids wanted a Wii. D's has played Mario twice, the rest is myself!

jakesmommy Wed 21-Nov-18 06:57:55

The Snow White Animator doll from the Disney Store. Its for my three year old daughter. Honest.

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